May 30, 2010

doll love: jordana eyeliners

hiya dollfaces!! sorry i've been MIA for the last week... here is an updated review of jordana eyeliners!! they are really amazing! i'll be back to blogging this week... promise! hope your memorial weekends are fabulous!!! xo annie

May 16, 2010

great tag... my way!

i saw this tag and i liked it so much i just had to do it. i challenged myself though... i used my own personal pictures.. as a sort of scrapbook/tag combo! ha.

the rules are to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates...
and away we go... ps i started with the hates first.

i hate that my hobby is SO expensive! : )

i hate being disappointed by a mac eyeshadow.

i hate that i can't get gaga tickets unless i'm willing to spend an arm and a leg.

i hate that this light pink shade isn't available in full size.

i hate that these nail polishes are so hard to get in the US!!

i hate that i don't live closer to these three.

i hate that i have searched and searched, yet cannot find these gloves anywhere!

i hate that i keep nice and easy in business due to my premature grays!

i like dinosaurs and natural history museums!

i like to appreciate the awesomeness of nature!

i like martinis from the W hotel.

i like accessories with an edge.

i like taking crazy pictures in public places.

i like being seranaded.

i like acting goofy with my friends after a lovely happy hour.

i like individuality.

i like taking pictures in front of colorful graffiti

i like halloween creativity.

i like wigs... and the way it looks like she is looking over my shoulder. ; )

i like cupcakes from faroff lands.

last, but not least.
i LOVE my best friend. with or without makeup.

May 14, 2010

doll love!!

hiya dollfaces!! if you are like me, you realize the importance of a well moisturized eye area... this helps to prevent lines and wrinkling... not to mention... it helps your concealer glide on better! i have been on a quest for a light, yet still moisturizing, eye cream for years! most of the time eye creams are too oily and cause my sensitive eyes mucho irritation. me thinks i've found a solution to this oily problem. yay!

this is the garnier nutritioniste skin renewal anti-fatigue eye cream and it is FABULOUS!!!
here is what garnier says:

"Boosts surface-cell regeneration to diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eye area."

this is a light cream that is ultra moisturizing. after i wash and moisturize my face, i take a small drop and apply to my undereye skin and lightly all over the lid. yes, it is one more step to add to your skin routine, but the eye area should not be overlooked (pun intended)! and my skin drinks it up!! it makes my eye area noticeably softer and line-free. i have been using this product for about a month and i LOVE it!! however, i cannot testify to the "diminishing of dark circles"... i think lots of sleep and drinking loads of water have more power in that arena!!

so dollfaces! your turn... what product are you loving right now???

May 02, 2010

lookie what the MAC dragged in..

hiya dollfaces! so i did a bit of haulin' at the mac counter (shocking but true) here are the goods:

i got the mac brush cleanser which i am really please with. it is fantastic for everyday cleanup... especially after using dark colors! i deep clean once a week with baby shampoo and my brushes are very satisfied.

i also picked up a bottle of fix+ which i can't stop using. i use it to set my makeup and i'll spray it on a brush, swipe it in some shadow and BAM! insta-eyeliner!

as you probably know i also picked up the brand new mascara OPULASH and am completely in love with it!!! i hope you have entered my giveaway!!

now onto the makeup-makeup...

this is the beautiful bright fuscia-ish pink called speak louder. it is a cremesheen formula and is gorgeous. i wasn't particularly in the mood for a bright pink lipstick, but my mac mua/good friend pointed it out to me as her pick of the day and i was sold! i look forward to wearing this when i'm tan!!

next up i got two things from the art supplies collection. first up... which has been all the rage, apparently, on youtube and blogs is a greasepaint stick in dirty!

this is my first foray into the greasepaint sticks and i'm in love! it is a wonderful taupey gray and it works extremely well as a base, liner, outer corner and crease color. it is water resistant and is a limited edition... go out and buy at least one... the colors are fantastic!! me thinks i may get two more this week! p.s. you can pull the end off that shows the color of the stick and you will find a sharpener there!! yay!

and last, but not least...
the pearlglide liners are amazing! the one that stuck out to me most was almost noir... it is a magnificent bordeaux color with gold shimmer. so incredibly beautiful and perfect to give your everyday look a little something extra.

p.s. click here to watch a look with dirty and almost noir that's quick and easy!

what new goodies have you dollies gotten recently?? do tell...