August 24, 2010

project zebra piggies

hiya dollfaces! so when i went to vegas a couple of weeks ago i wanted to do something a little different on my toes so i did an experiment... zebra toes! i've always loved zebra print and figured it would be easiest to attempt on my toenails as i could use my right hand the entire time.

here's what i used (both from icing). the black is just one of their nail art paints and the green is called daddy's trust fund baby and is a dupe for sephora by opi's leaf him at the alter.
i put two coats of green down and then alternated stripes starting heavy on the edges and then lighter toward the center. i loved the effect.

a closer look...
the best part is they don't have to be perfect! p.s. this look has lasted me 3 weeks without chipping! still looks awesome. yay!

August 13, 2010

doll love: HG foundation... for now, at least!

hiya dollfaces! hope you are all wonderful and zany on this friday the 13th! the topic o'the day is foundation. here's my thing about foundation. i have decent skin as far as spots go (although hormonal breakouts are always part of the joy of a certain time of the month)... when i seek out a foundation i want light to medium coverage, basically, to even out my skintone. i also feel that foundation is just part of a well put together face for me. i don't really care to shell out the $$$ for higher end foundations as i'm sure there are many in the drugstore that will do the job (and do it well!)

i'm sure i will begin to delve into higher end foundations at some point, but for now i have found my HG foundation and it can be found at your local cvs! LOVE IT! here it is...
it's the maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation and it is amazing! it comes in a small round disk-like container which when opened looks like this... (forgive the brush marks i use a 187 to apply)

what i love:
1. if you buy this foundation at cvs they have testers! yes, testers in a drugstore!! and therefore i was able to match my skin perfectly.
2. in correlation with number 1... since this product matches me perfectly (and i use a 187) it takes only a little bit of product to take care of my entire face. LOVE!
3. since it's a cream/mousse formula you don't make a mess everytime you put on make up... spilling out too much and what not.
4. it has buildable coverage... if i want to make this a full coverage foundation i can
5. gives skin a glowy (but not oily) finish that makes skin look very healthy

what i don't love:
1. the sponge that comes with it is eeh! so i use a 187 to apply and then the sponge to sort of dab over and make sure all the product is blended well
2. i need a setting powder to keep the "glow" at bay after application
3. after a few hours the "glow" turns into shine on my skin so i definitely have to blot and re-apply powder

also, i should mention that for me this has the staying power of about 8 hours, but that's perfectly fine for me right now as my skin is a bit on the oily side due to heat. and to be fair it does say "hydrating" on the label so i'm sure it's not really made for oily skin, but i love it anyway! :)

all in all i adore this foundation! i'm not sure if all drugstores are carrying this just yet, but when they get it in stock i encourage you to try it! it is an excellent value and a delightful foundation!

have you got yours yet??

August 10, 2010

doll love: NAKED

hiya dollfaces! as promised here are my swatches of the NAKED palette by Urban Decay. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! and really have used it pretty much every day since i got it... which was about a month ago. if you love neutral looks this is the palette to end all palettes. the colors are smooth, very pigmented and blendable. the majority of the colors have a sheen/shimmer to them... i personally love that because i feel it brings light to the eyes. my love for urban decay eye shadows continues to grow and flourish with this palette! it is amazing and i cannot say enough good things about it!

and now for the swatches... i have NW25 skin (for reference).

virgin - light whitish pink ** fantastic highlight color and great for inner corner too
sin - pink champagne shimmer **LOVE it!! brightens the whole eye
naked - lighter warm brown **excellent for blend out color!
sidecar - shimmery warm brown with gold glitter **kind of like a frosty naked

buck - mid-tone warm brown **another great color for blending out
half baked - gold shimmer **not my favorite, but a nice addition to the palette
smog - shimmery mid-toned warm brown **kind of like a frosty buck
darkhorse - not shimmery but has gold flecks ** lovely in the crease

toasted - gold and warm brown shimmer ** nice color to bring light to the eye
hustle - plum based brown **amazing crease color
creep - deep gray/black ** in the pan looks glittery, but doesn't show on skin
gunmetal - dark silver gray shimmer **fabulous smokey eye staple

have you gotten naked yet??

August 02, 2010

holiday... celebrate!

hiya dollfaces! just wanted to pop in and let you know that i will be on holiday until the end of the week... las vegas here i come!! i am on track for some much needed rest and relaxation... and a bit of gambling if i'm being honest! lol. and did i mention i will also be visiting my first CCO?? this could be dangerous! ha.

anyhoo... if you need a little dollface fix check out my youtube channel!!

also, thanks again to the lovely sarah who has sent quite a few new followers to my blog and youtube channel!! as for my new dollfaces i send a hearty...

here's my question for you guys... i did 2 videos featuring the urban decay naked palette... would you like to see swatches and a review here too?? sometimes it seems a bit redundant... let me know in the comments below. :) i love your input.

oh... p.s. there will DEFINITELY be a contest/giveaway soon... i know it's been awhile!

August 01, 2010

my first swap & n.o.t.d.

hiya dollfaces!! recently i did a swap with the gorgeous sarah who has this amazing blog, i heart cosmetics and this wonderful youtube channel . we both did videos all about the swap... if you want to see our videos here is mine and here is hers.

the main reason we were swapping was we both we itching for nail varnishes. she wanted sephora by opi and i wanted models own! if you have read my blog for awhile you know that i have been wanting to try models own nail varnishes for a loooong time and now i don't have to wait any longer.

without further adieu... here are my first nails of the day with models own!! this is lilac dream and it is beautiful. it applies quite smoothly and 2 coats lasted me a week without chipping. love it!

stay tuned for more n.o.t.d. dedicated to models own... thanks sarah!! xoxo