March 31, 2010


hiya dollfaces! i just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big, huge THANK YOU to all of you who follow my blog!! i love doing it and am so flabbergasted that people actually read it!! lol. i have also just reached 19 subscribers on my youtube channel!! that's so incredibly exciting!!!

i wanted to let you know that i'm going to be doing a contest for some mac goodies soon for those of you who do both (blog & youtube)... so if you haven't subscribed to my channel... click here and hop to it!! i will be announcing my contest next week... however, if you comment on this post that you are a "followriber" aka a follower and subscriber and leave both of your "names"... i will enter you twice!!

and for those of you who already are "followribers" you have my undying love and devotion!! xoxo

you guys make my life so much more fun... and pretty!!

p.s. not all of my contests will be for followribers... some will be strictly youtubers and some just my bloglovin' dolls... but both = more chances!! and spread the word!!

March 27, 2010

what's in MY shower?!

hiya dollfaces!! sorry it's been so long between posts... i have started a second job and it's taking up a big chunk of time... not to mention i have been making videos for my youtube channel which you should check out and subscribe to... as i want to have a contest for mac goodies soon!
anyhoo on to the post of the day! the lovely nicole from NV BEAUTY asked the question what's in your shower and tagged me! i'm game so here are the goods...

neutrogena oil free redness soothing acne wash and gentle scrub
i have had very good results from this range of neutrogena's... i used to use the cream form of this cleanser and then use st. ives apricot scrub, but this combines the two! score!!

suave professionals rosemary mint conditioner
you can't tell from the pic but this bottle is HUGE! i bought it because i have been experimenting with co-washing (washing with conditioner only... which eliminates yucky sulfates from coming into contact with my tresses). the co-washing has been going really well and i'm very happy with my hair these days. this conditioner is a dupe for one of the aveda conditioners so it smells divine. co-washing requires loads and loads of conditioner so this bottle is perfect!

aussie 3 minute miracle smoothing treatment
i use this is conjuction with the rosemary mint... after i've loade up my hair with conditioner i cake this on the ends and let it all sit for a bit.

ms. pedicure exfoliating foot scrub and pumice stone
what can i say... i love having soft feet! : )

mach 3 turbo men's razor
love, love, LOVE!!!!! i've always been partial to men's razors because they get the closest shave! this one is the BEST. hands down.

i would love to know what's in YOUR shower dollface!! if you do a response please leave a link in the comments or just write in your fave shower products.

March 23, 2010

dollface of the day: tangerine dream

hiya dollfaces! it's time for another dollface of the day... dun, dun, DUN!! it was such a lovely morning that i decided to take pics outside... little did i know that those pics would pretty much null any sign of blush! wah! oh well... it's a new one i got from e.l.f. in candid coral and i heart it very much! it adds an amazing warmth to my face. anyhoo, here's my mug!

a closer look...

on my eyes:
urban decay e/s sellout - all over
urban decay e/s toasted - in crease
buxom lashliner suede
rimmel sexy curves mascara in black

on my lips:
mac creme de nude
mac perinnial high style lip glass over top

a simple and easy everyday look... great for spring time!

** see it in action
on my youtube channel as i review buxom lashliner**

March 21, 2010

do you youtube??

check out my brand spanking new channel for tutorials, hauls and general shenanigans...

: )

March 18, 2010

another mac haul... somebody stop me!

hi dolls! so i was drawn back to the mac counter to check out the liberty of london collection and ended up splurging on all this. have a looksie!

left to right: lipglass cultured, e/s birds and berries, lipglass perennial high style, msf natural in medium+, and the new 130 brush

this is birds and berries from mac's new liberty of london collection... i had to buy a couple of goodies from the collection because of the supercute packaging! ha. (read: that's how they always get me!) this shade is a winner!! it's a wonderful teal and me likey!! the best part is it's veluxe pearl.. which we all know makes everything better. p.s. i just made my first video for youtube using this... check it out... and subscribe... pretty please?!

this is the lipglass in perennial high style... i'm in love with the color of this... a glorious peach. however, the formulation just seems a bit sticky and thick (even as far as lipglasses go)! i will muddle through and use it, though, as i'm really into peachy coral lips at the moment. i wouldn't recommend this one, dollfaces.
have you purchased anything from this collection... thoughts??

this is the 130 brush and i bought it because i think i've heard it's limited edition. i haven't figured out all of my personal uses for it so, as of right, now i have been using it to blend my undereye concealer because it is super soft! if you're looking for an all over blending brush for foundation... stick with the 187... this brush is too small.

hope your weekend is fantastic!!

March 17, 2010

dollface of the day: gaga and the smokey eye

hello dolls! a few weeks back i did a mac haul and here it is put to work! an added bonus is i'm sporting viva glam gaga... love it!


mac print - all over lid

urban decay mushroom - over top of print

mac silver ring - in crease (used to blend out)

urban decay sellout - highlight

mac carbon - along lash line to smoke it out and blended into print

rimmel sexy curves mascara in extreme black ** LOVING THIS RIGHT NOW!


mac viva glam gaga - smoothed on lips

mac lip glass in cultured - over top

simple and easy smokey eye...

hope your week is fantastic!!

March 15, 2010

what was i thinking?... polish fail

hello my wonderful dolls!! time for another edition of what was i thinking?! this time it was a polish i have had my eye on for a couple of weeks and have sought out... jade is the new black from the hong kong collection by OPI.

here it is...
it's a lovely shade of green in the bottle. and don't get me wrong it is a fantastic polish! it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. the what was i thinking part comes when the color is paired with my skintone. eek gads! i don't like it at all! it makes my skin take on a yellow cast and that is just not for me.

here it is without the flash

here it is with the flash

on the brightside, it does work out well that i bought this the week of st. patrick's day. i will definitely not get pinched!! i will also save it for football season as i am a big new york jets fan and this is quite close to their green. in the end i love the polish... just wish it looked better on me! oh well... on to the next! have a great day and don't forget...

March 14, 2010

one in 100

hey dolls! good news! as you may or may not know illamasqua was hosting a contest to come up with your perfect nail polish color... using inspiration from anywhere... well i entered and found out today that i am among the top 100 finalists!! out of loads of entrants from around the world!!!! that is so cool!!! two winners will be chosen and have their color produced by illamasqua! AMAZING right?! so that gives me a 1/50 chance!! below is my entry... cross your fingers for me dollfaces!!

here's the picture that inspired me...

and here are my 50 words or less:

This photograph is from the monorail in Seattle. Through the rain you see the Space Needle. I would like a polish color that looks like raindrops just landed on my fingernails. A light, creamy gray with the sheerest of silver glimmer... to lightly reflect the light... like a raindrop.

March 11, 2010

dollnamic duo: pink state of mind

hi dolls! it's time for another dollnamic duo. and this time it's all about PINK. if you read about my MAC haul you may remember that i purchsed the lip glass true babe (an in your face darkish pink) from the riveting collection... this photographs a bit light compared to in person. it is actually a very wearable color.

well i must have been in a pink state of mind because i immediately went over to icing and purchased a bright pink nail polish in fifi, came right home, and gave myself a mani. now, i'm not gonna lie, this is a crazy color (read day-glow). it photographs rather lackluster here, but everytime i looked down at my nails i thought "i wonder if these glow in the dark?" haha. i think when summertime rolls around and the inevitable tanning ensues this will be a perfect hot pink. it is definitely not a wallflower color, but if you don't mind attention... have at it!

so i put the two side by side and thought they would make a great dollnamic duo. as you can see they aren't matchy matchy, but if i wore that same color on my lips as my nails i would look hideous! the deeper true babe gloss ties in the fifi nail color and give lips a fresh look. i can tell i already have summer on the brain! bring on the pinks!

hey dollface!! do you have any special lip/nail dollnamic duos?? let me know... i love to see what others come up with to suit them.

hope your having a great weekend! i'm working on lots of posts... i've missed my blog and my dollfaces!! xoxo

March 09, 2010

sephora seattle haulage...

cheers dolls! i'm back from seattle and had a blast with the bestie and her boys! on sunday i was able to steal her away for some funzo time downtown. after a couple emerald drops and rose petal martinis at the W hotel we scuttled over to sephora and let the shopping commence... i got a few things that i have been wanting to try out. first up...

buxom lashliner in suede (dark brown)... i have searched high and low for this in suede and finally found it in the emerald city. i am so excited to try it as it promises lash enhancing and conditioning. i have begun using it and will have a full review after i have used it for a month or so. p.s. used it today and the color is fantastic.

sephora base zero brillance anti-shine primer... i read about this on another blog or heard about it on youtube, but for the life of me i can't remember who i heard it from. BLAST! however, i figured i would try it because my skin tends to get oily mid-day and that particular shine really irritates me. so far i've used it twice and am very impressed. i suppose i will be doing a full review on this too. i will give it a few weeks as i need to see if i break out from it. - please no!-

upon entering sephora i knew i wanted a corally lipgloss, but didn't want it to be overpowering. i swatched buxom babes lacey gloss and immediately loved the color. then on closer inspection i saw that it was part of a duo with pixie (a gorgeous light pink) and i was sold. together the duo is $18. i love buying things in smaller sizes like this because i think lipgloss can get to be unhygenic after numerous uses. this way you can use them up and move onto something new. the super bonus with this is they are part of their big and healthy line which promises a fuller lip upon application. i'm not sure about that, but it has amazing dazzle factor and it does make my lips feel minty and tingly (and not cinnamon/burnt ala lip venom)... and super bonus 2... the glosses smell like cotton candy!

last, but not least was a travel size of too faced lash injection. i'm going to let you in on a little secret... i'm obsessed with mascara!! i'm am always on a quest for my perfect one... i picked this up to try it. i am planning a big mascara post so stay tuned. i've used this twice and am very pleased so far.
that's all for now dolls! hope your week is great thus far!

March 07, 2010

dollface challenge: glamour to go vs. seattle

hello dolls! if u keep up with my blog you probably already know that i am in seattle for the weekend... well i went to seattle about two months ago and gave myself a challenge. could i get away with 6 different looks from one palette?! the palette in question is below (shown with the brushes and mascara i took) it is the too faced glamour to go palette and it retails for $19.99. it is a wonderfull palette which offers 8 eyeshadows, 4 lipglosses and a blush... as i was packing for my trip i, naturally, thought this palette to be an asset (not to mention a space saver)! here's all i took (i applied blush with my fingers).

here's the palette opened. closed it's the size of a small stack of credit cards and opened it's the size of your hand. i have numbered the colors because there are no names for the shadows. the numbers will clarify when i breakdown the looks.

look 1: full face

a closer look

look 2: full face

a closer look ** my favorite look

look 3: full face

a closer look

look 4: full face

a closer look

look 5: full face

a closer look

look 6: full face

a closer look...

all in al,l i am very impressed with this palette. and for less than $20... what a steal!! i have even packed it with me for this trip... i may have to update this post upon my return!

dollface verdict: