February 27, 2010

once upon a saturday...

hello there dolls! today, after many failed attempts, my friend christy and i finally made it to a mac pro store and the fun ensued... it made for a lovely saturday afternoon. here are my new goodies!

i had to buy a palette to house all of my freshly depotted shadows... then my main goal was to find the perfect pink blush and i believe i have found it in the amazing pink swoon! i said "i want a pinky-just-pinched-my cheeks-color" and i got it. deelish!

i was in the mood for some new grey shadows to add to my collection so i picked up scene (muted blue-grey -satin), print (muted grey with shimmer - satin) and the classic carbon (black - matte). i also bought the 266 brush because really nothing can compare to it when it comes to applying fluidline... and that's that.

as soon as i saw true babe i knew i had to have it!! and i'm so in love with it. what an amazing bright pink to freshen up my look. it was one of those things i didn't know i wanted until i saw it! i can not wait to do some dollfaces of the day with my new friends and show you!! hope you're enjoying a rockin' weekend!!

February 25, 2010

february's fab five under $5!

hiya dolls!! so for this post i wanted to pass on some of my fave products under $5 each... don't you just love a quality bargain?? I DO!! haha. first up...

queen helene mint julep face mask! $3.99 (quoted from drugstore.com).
this mask is fantastic! it pulls all those yucky impurities and black heads out of the skin and shrinks pores?! sign me up!! i love to slather this on once a week and watch episodes of sex and the city!

dollface bonus: smells mint-a-licious! yumm-o.

target brand up and up makeup remover cleansing towlettes...duping for neutrogena wipes. i believe they're about $4 at target.

i, absolutely, hands down SWEAR BY THESE!! as you can see from the pic they get everything off my face! including waterproof mascara! hallelujah!

dollface bonus: i credit these with helping me keep my skin clear because they get rid of every trace of makeup before formally cleansing my skin.

sephora lip pencil in #5 native nude. $3 from sephora.com or in sephora stores. my hg lipliner... love, love, LOVE!!

dollface bonus: perfect pinky brown liner for a nude lip.

aussie 3 minute miracle conditioning treatment for hair $4.29 (quoted from drugstore.com)... amazing conditioning treatment to keep your tresses super soft and silky.

dollface bonus: it smells divine... throw it on in the shower, shave your legs then rinse and when you get out... voila! silky locks!! it's a win-win!

nyc nail polish in downtown. $.99 from target... i love this color. this is only one coat, but 2 is much deeper and more pretty. the polish goes on smoothly and thin, but dries like a dream.

dollface bonus: this is my go-to color when i only have 10 minutes to achieve streak free rasberry nails... just paint (wait a couple of minutes) and go! my kinda polish!

ok dolls your turn! what are your go-to products under $5? and would you like this to be a regular feature on my blog?? ask and you shall receive.

February 23, 2010


hi dolls!! so i went to the icing yesterday and found the most unbelievable earrings!! i mean, seriously, i'm in LOVE...
here they are!!

fantastic snakes!

on thursday i have an interview and i am wearing these to show an "edge"... it is with MAC and while i want to dress profressionally... i knew that i needed a little kick with a side of mystery. i love how these cover the entire earlobe. original and a bit daring...

just the way i like it!

as soon as i saw these i knew they were perfect. my whole look is being built around these earrings...

don't you love sweet inspiration?

(sorry for the blurry pic! better ones to follow.. but you get the jist about covering the earlobe)

where do you find your inspiration?

February 21, 2010

what was i thinking... part 3

hello dolls! it's "what was i thinking?" monday and for this edition i present to you a lipgloss by smashbox. to be precise it's a "wicked lovely" lipgloss in the color coy and it's a waste of money! what can i say... i was lured in by the pink and black box and the sale price of $10...
here it is...
i ordered it online (my mistake) and when i received it i put one swipe on my lips and closed the tube forever... it was...

no wonder it was on sale! i promised myself, then and there, that i would think twice before purchasing any lipglosses i'm not familiar with online again!
hope your monday is moving along famously and you're having better luck with your lipglosses!

February 20, 2010

dollface of the night...blue smoke

i know i have spoken about this color before, but man-oh-man i LOVE it!! it really is my go-to eyeshadow for night time smoke! alas it is mac's contrast... i just lined my lower lashline, loaded it on my lid and crease and blended out with hush by mac... alittle urban decay 24-7 liner in zero on upper lash line and bingo bango... blue smoke.
i must confess... i buy navy shirts just so i can wear this eyeshadow! tell me your absolute favorite eyeshadow colors... always on the lookout for more hg eyeshadows...

full dollface

February 18, 2010

i've got polish on the brain

hi dolls! today is february 18th and you know what that means? another line is being released by mac today... it's called riveting. if you remember an earlier post i am looking forward to one product in particular... a matte black nail polish called black enough?... until i can get myself to a mac counter this little post dedicated to an affordable and fantabulous line of polish will have to pass the time.

i love polishing my nails. it's a quick and easy way to look put together, fab or funky. i'm always on the lookout for good polishes that cover well and dry fast...

so a couple of months back i bought a sephora by o.p.i. nail polish in metro chic. i was so looking forward to it! i had read many blogs and saw many youtube videos touting the color and its overall awesomeness, so i just had to have it.... as soon as i got it home i tried it out. to be frank it was not cute. it was thin and looked horrible with my skintone. i hated it and thought "there's another $10 wasted!"

not one to be defeated... i got to perusing my other polishes. i thought i might be able to find one that could act as an undercoat and deepen the color a bit. i came across a shade i have been loving for awhile... it's called ice queen and it's by icing. yes, icing as in the accessory store at the mall. turns out their polishes rock my world. the formulation is smooth, they cover evenly and they dry super fast. and they last forever! love them!

now back to the subject at hand. metro chic was dull and lame. ice queen was cool and deep. together they made a perfect and wearable dollnamic duo of the nail polish variety. look...

just for posterity here are two other shades from icing... i highly recommend their polishes... i guess if we're splitting hairs then this is another rave! next time you're at the mall pick up a couple (at $4.50 a pop -bogo 1/2 off- they won't break the bank)... let me know how it goes.

lilly... the most gorgeous lilac! p.s. this two coats lasted for 8 days without chipping!

purple pj's... a dark navy with multi-colored sparkles... a lovely alternative to black

remember: enjoy beautiful nails and...

February 17, 2010


hello dolls! it's my first tag!! the lovely NVBEAUTY tagged me to answer these questions and she is such a doll... i couldn't pass it up!
so BAM you're it! read mine and if you have a blog i tag you... leave me a link in the comments so i can read 'em... or comment me your answers. i would love to get to know you better!

Three names I go by:
1. ann
2. miss black
3. annie

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
1. server at the jekyll and hyde club in nyc
2. retail on main st. usa at disneyland
3. instructional aide to elementary schoolers
Three Places I have lived:
1. NYC!
2. anaheim, ca
3. westminster, ca

Three Favorite drinks: (whatever they are... they need mucho ice!)
1. ice water
2. diet pepsi
3. java chip frappacino with peppermint from starbucks

Three TV Shows that I watch:
1. LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. is she really going out with him?
3. celebrity rehab with dr. drew (i love him!)

Three places I have been:
1. savannah, ga
2. seattle
3. vegas!

Three places I would like to visit:
1. italy
2. london (to shop!)
3. NYC! i know i'm a broken record.

Three People that text me regularly:
my girls...
1. lacee
2. christy
3. m-lo

Three Favorite Old TV Shows:
1. golden girls
2. buffy the vampire slayer
3. sex and the city

Three of my favorite restaurants:
1. jalapenos
2. claim jumper (happy hour)
3. olive garden (salad)

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1. hopefully getting a job at the cosmetics counter at nordstrom
2. finally walking for my graduation in may
3. moving...

February 16, 2010

get thee to a walgreens... nowza!

hi dolls! today let's have a looksie at one of my fave brands of eyeliner... like... ever! and the best part is... it's drugstore brand!! oh, oh, oh and let me take that good news one step further... they are sold 2 for $3!! SCORE!!! the gorgeous creations are by jordana (which are sold at walgreens) and they are called kohl kajal eyeliner pencils. they are just as good as the stila kohl kajal eyeliners... for 10% of the price. yay! they are smooth and blendable and have fantastic pigment... take a look.i LOVE finding me a good deal and these eyeliners are amazing for the super affordable price! i believe there are about ten colors and i have four, but will definitely be back for more!!
the dollface verdict:

February 15, 2010

what's the opposite of rave?

when i bought...
as you can see, dolls, this is the john frieda moisture barrier firm hold hairspray and i'm here to tell you... DON'T!! it's horrible! it is probably the worst hairspray i have ever used. it is like spraying dusty glue on your hair. ick. ick. ick. it flakes, it doesn't move and don't even think you will be able to get a brush through this the next day. i remember once i had to shampoo my bangs twice because they still were glued together from this gem. i suppose if we were back in the days of bee hives and backcombing this would come in handy, but when i just want to keep the flyaways at bay this product is a huge FAIL. hope your hairspray is treating you right!

February 14, 2010

these... i love

hi ya dolls and happy hearts day! in honor of this day devoted to love i thought that i would dedicate this post to that which i am loving right now... it's not your typical post because it's not your typical day...

and away we go...

first up... this red and black wig! last week i celebrated my birthday with a wigged out party at a bar with an 80's band that you could karaoke to. it was major! i love this picture too! this was a mural in the bathroom! ha. i especially love that it looks like she is looking over my shoulder. so fun.

next up... i love new york. i lived there for a year and it will always hold a special place in my heart... i found this necklace at forever 21 and knew it had to be mine.

i heart urban decay eyeshadow in sellout. it is my absolute go to highlight for the brow bone. and it is the only eyeshadow that i've repurchased three times! ladies and ladies... we have a winner with this one!

i heart nars lipgloss in turkish delight. it is the best of the best. i'm not one who needs fifty lipglosses at hand... nor do i have the money to afford them! ha. instead i will spend some good money on a select few and use them up. this is a lovely shade of pink...like my lips... only better. will definitely repurchase.

last, but not least... i heart my bestie. for better or for worse. in sickness and in health... she will always be my valentine.

February 11, 2010

goo-goo for GAGA!!

the day has come dolls!! viva glam gaga has officially hit my mac counter and, of course, i just had to pick one up! needless to say i'm in love! it's a wonderful bubblegummy-pinkish-girly-girl color!! you can wear it as light or as bright as you like.
here she is...

after i swatched it i decided to see how it stacked up against a couple of its sisters... blankety and creme de nude. i love them all in their own ways, but viva glam gaga is the frontrunner as of today!

what do you think dolls? did you get yours yet? remember every cent from each purchase is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund...

February 09, 2010

and the winner is...

the winner of the lush demon in the dark soap and lush tin is....
- drumroll -

thank you to all of my followers and stay tuned... i'm posting another contest when i hit 50! tell your friends!!
i'm just getting started.

February 08, 2010

regretfully mine

hi dolls! so today i'm going to launch my "what was i thinking?!" mondays... you know how mondays are?? the weekend is over and quite often there are one or two regrets from the two days that have past and you say to yourself what was i thinking? perhaps you didn't get everything done that you needed to accomplish... perhaps you drank too much or didn't stick to your diet... or liplocked with the wrong person. : )

you know what i'm talking about.
well every monday i'm going to feature a product that i have in my vast collection that i regret spending my hard earned money on. and without further adieu...

when i bought...

this little gem is guacamole by mac... it is green frost color and i hate in on me! usually i adore greens, but this one is almost neon on me and it's not cute! it fact, it's obnoxiously green. it has way too much yellow undertone for my liking and that is why it sits untouched in my makeup case. i've given guacamole several opportunities to prove its worth to me and it has failed at every turn. and that is why it wins the first what was i thinking award. oh well... we all make mistakes sometime. ok dollfaces... fess up... what are some of your regrets??

February 07, 2010

a birthday wish

hi dolls! so today is my birthday and i have had the laziest of days! however, i did find time to investigate the new limited edition collection from mac being released on feb. 18 called riveting. usually these collections have one or two items that stick out to me and seem to call my name and this collection didn't disappoint. there was one product that smacked me upside the head and made me put a big heart on my calendar over february 18th!! it is one of the nail polishes... but it's not just another nail polish... it's a matte nail polish! and, what's more, it BLACK!! where do i sign? i love the look of matte nail polish and i'm really excited to try mac's take on matte black. so on the 18th black enough? shall be mine! is anyone else interested in this shade??

February 06, 2010

the first ever doll-namic duo

hi dolls! in honor of the weekend and my love for the original doll-namic duo of saturday and sunday i am dedicating this post to two colors that work together famously! as you can see they are contrast and love lace (both by mac). love lace is a light blue and with my dark features reads rather pale on my face... however once i add contrast (a rich, deep blue and one of my favorite mac shades) wham-o! more definition in the crease and outer corner!! i love this combo of colors and therefore they receive my first award of doll-namic duo!!