September 13, 2010

androgony is wearing raindrops!

the lovely alex sent me another picture of raindrops on the character androgony from the art of darkness shoot... here's a closeup...

and from the campaign...


September 10, 2010

this just in...

the lovely alex from illamasqua has just sent me this exclusive sneak peek of raindrops...

This is one of the backstage pics from the Art of Darkness collection [no one has seen this yet - perhaps you might like it for your blog?] and this is two coats of the colour used for one of the key characters in the shoot..

They will be available to add to a wish-list from w/c 20th September and available to buy from 1st week of October!

Will you be getting yours dollfaces??

September 08, 2010


as you know i was a winner in the illamasqua design your own nail varnish competition and guess what...
i got a little package today from...
with a lovely note...
in it were the three winning shades from the create your own nail varnish competition 2010...
i got these two beauties...
and what i've been waiting months to get my hands (and fingernails) on!! here it is...

here is my baby! raindrops!!! a wonderful creamy gray...

what i love:

the color is just exactly as i wanted
the shade is versatile. you can wear it on the sheer side (which is how they wear it in the new art of darkness campaign) or you can build it up to be more opaque. i'm sure you can even do a sheer wash over another color for a cool effect.
the application is smooth and easy... even the box-like applicator was easy to use!
each coat dries within 3 minutes!
it's MINE!! hehe

what i don't love:
the "irregular" glitter in it threw me off a bit because it looked like air bubbles at first... however, the more and more i look at the more it looks exactly like tiny raindrops have landed on my nails!
it took 5 coats to get the opaque shade i wanted because the formula is so sheer (this is overlooked because it dried so quickly).

all in all i love my polish! this beauty will be available at illamasqua counters,, and select sephora stores in october 2010 as part of the art of darkness collection!! i hope you try it dollfaces! i am over the moon right now!

September 04, 2010

rimmel makes me wanna pucker up

hiya dollfaces! i just wanted to take a second and sing the praises for a drugstore brand of lipsticks... they are the moisture renew lipcolors from rimmel. i am loving these right now! here are the five i have (complete with swatches):

what i love:
1. the price! these lipsticks run about $6.99 (and drugstores are always having buy one get one half off or 40% off deals)
2. the color selection! don't quote me on this, but there were at least 20 to choose from at my local cvs. it's great because you can try out different colors without breaking the bank! success!
3. the texture! they are creamy and easy to apply and do not feel like your wearing a heavy lipstick at all. ** a note here... mauve pink is the exception to this. it has glitter in it which makes it appear glossy on the lips, but which lingers once the lippie has worn off **
4. SPF! each lippie has an spf of 18. nice!
5. pigmentation! all of mine are rich and fully pigmented. yay!

what i don't love:
1. the wear! they are definitely not long lasting. i would say maybe an hour without touch ups.
2. the glitter! if mauve pink has glitter in it then i'm sure other colors do and i am not a fan of that at all.

all in all they are great products and fun to use. have you tried them?? and what are your favorite colors?? vintage pink is definitely the stand out for me! LOVE! and red alert is what you need for an in-your-face red lip!!

September 01, 2010

when fall comes to my nails...

hiya dollfaces! sorry for being such a slacker! i have been putting a lot of effort into my youtube channel and not enough here. my apologies! i have been waiting till fall to rock some dark teal nails, but i couldn't wait any longer!! so today i have a notd featuring a standout nail color from sinful colors new fall collection called stormy. it is gorgeous. depending on the light it can look black, dark teal and almost emerald with flecks of blue. it's a very mysterious color and i love it! even better... i love the price $1.99 at rite aid! you may have to hunt it down though... i got the last bottle at my store and have visited several others and it is always the one sold out of the display. i hope it's not limited edition! anyhoo here are the pics.

without flash
(pardon the air bubbles... painted them right before running out the door)

with flash

what color nails are you rockin' for fall??