July 20, 2011

urban decay 15th anniversary palette (PIC heavy)

yes the urban decay 15th anniversary palette is MINE!! so excited!! i have been playing with it for a few days now... it is amazing! here's the vid with all the info and then a closer look at the eyeshadows and swatches... enjoy!!

the top three rows:
the bottom two rows:
a closer look
top: midnight rodeo
middle: midnight 15
bottom: vanilla

top: tainted
middle: junkshow
bottom: omen

top: deeper
middle: m.i.a.
bottom: ace

top: flow
bottom: chase

top: evidence
bottom: deep end

top: blackout
bottom: half truth

July 09, 2011

mac semi precious goodies!!

so as i'm sure you all know... mac's latest collection is called semi-precious and consists of a boat load of mineralized products. after careful consideration i chose two goodies and i'm very impressed with my selections!!

first up i got the mineralized blush in pressed amber. i was intrigued by the simple brown color and thought it would make a wonderful light wash on the cheeks for those "natural" days... or a nice contour. and yes i was right!! it is the most AMAZING contour color!!!! beware though... this is so soft and pigmented! a light hand is a necessity.

a closer look... isn't the marbelized look divine?!

now for the swatches!

i LOVE that it is not overly warm on my skin!!

i also HAD to pick up a mineralized skin finish to add to my collection. i had heard that semi precious crystal pink was very similar to by candlelight (from warm and cozy) which i missed out on... so, naturally i went straight for it at the counter.

a closer look... i was a bit put off by the center part as it looks kind of odd, but once i swatched it i forgot all about that. hello gorgeousness!!

the swatches... loveliest highlight ever! a light pink/peach frost with minimal glitter and just the right amount of sheen. the center works well as a blush on it's own. LOVE!

what have you picked up from the collection?

July 02, 2011

just in time for summer!

happy summer dollfaces! i had to go to three different rite aids (don't judge me), but i was finally able to get my hands on some of the summer goodies from New York Color (NYC).

here they are:

I picked up both of the 16hr. smooch proof lip stains and the blushable cremestick in gold radiance.

a closer look...

i have really been into lip stains lately and these two do not disappoint. tropic tan is a gorgeous bright pink shade. perfect to go under a clear gloss (with spf) and hit the beach.

coral reef is divine. it's a beautiful fruit punch colored stain that i have reached for several times over the past week. this works as an amazing base for a bright red lip.

what can i say about gold radiance? gorgeous! and with a tan? amaze-balls. what a wonderful addition to the drugstore makeup lineup... finally a highlighter!! also works wonderfully when mixed with a bit of lotion to add some shimmer to your shoulders on a hot summer night.

all three:

the verdict:

i'm incredibly impressed. NYC has done it again. the lipstains don't last 16 hrs. (does anything?!) ha. i have used coral reef more than the other two, but it's still early summer!!

what are your latest summer finds dollfaces??