April 27, 2010


hiya dollfaces! today i am keeping this post short and sweet! i want to get to know you better! so i have a tag for ya! it's easy too! i wanna know what are the top five products you are lemming for at the moment??? your beauty wishlist top 5... right now i am lusting for these five goodies...

1. st. tropez bronzing mousse - i live in california yet don't have a tan! what better time than may-ish to get started! i don't usually like self tanners, but this one is highly recommended by youtubers and beauty bloggers alike! must. try. it.

2. mac chromographic pencil in nw 25/30... i'm just too curious! i mean a pencil concealer and safe for the waterline?! i'm in... (i'll probably pick this up this week)

3. dior addict shine fragrance - i am very picky about frangrance as i am prone to migraines, but this scent is divine!

4. a nars eyeshadow - it's time to venture out! any suggestions on a color from my nars lovers out there??? let me know!

5. makeup forever camoflage cream palette - helps hide all of the imperfections! i like!!

so tell me dollfaces! what's on YOUR list right now?? you can respond here or do a post about it and give me a link!

*** and don't forget to enter my mac opulash contest!!

April 24, 2010

enter YOU! **closed**

hiya dollfaces! i'm having a contest for... OPULASH!!

opulash is the newest mascara from MAC and i heart it! a blog post putting it to the test is just below this one... want a tube? i'm having a contest... i'm giving away two tubes! one for my youtube subscribers and one for followers of my blog...

subscribe to my channel and comment "enter me" on this video...
my super cool opulash contest

follow my blog and leave a comment "enter me" on either this post or:
this one

winners announced on may 7th! good luck dollfaces!

and for my fellow bloggers out there... if you post a link to this contest let me know... i will put another entry in for YOU!

April 22, 2010

attention! you NEED this mascara.

hiya dollfaces! so my mac has officially debuted the newest addition to their mascara lineup and it's called OPULASH! doesn't that just sound fabulous?! i feel priveledged because it's not supposed to hit counters until may 27th... but through a twist of fate and a nordstrom exclusive it is mine...

the word on the street, about this baby, is that it rivals dior show mascara... unfortunately, i can't justify spending $25+ on mascara so i wouldn't know, but when mac offers me an alternative i would be stupid to not take them up on it. naturally i HAD to have it!

here's what mac has to say about the product:

"Big, fat, full, bouffant lashes! Dramatic density and curl achieved with a giant brush! Fibers go in all directions for thick, rich, even application with no clumping. Long-wearing formula—up to 15 hours—quickly thickens lashes root to tip."
here is the beauty

the short is i LOVE this product! it is volumizing (as you will see in the following pics). it goes on thin, but is very buildable without looking clumpy! the pics below are with 1 (yes i said one) coat and a little curl with my shu uemora curler! the best part of this mascara is it does not flake!!! i find, with many of my mascaras, after 8 hours of wear i begin to find flakes on my cheeks and under my eyes. a definite deal breaker for me... but that is not the case with this gem. admittedly, i am a mascara person and i definitely think this is my new HG.
check out the pics and marvel at the difference between my naked lashes and my opulashes!!

amazing right?

i'm having a contest with a tube of opulash as the prize! read all about it HERE and don't forget to enter... either on this post or that one. good luck!

April 18, 2010

dollface of the day: RED ALERT

hiya dollfaces! this is a look i wore a couple of days ago which is really simple on the eyes and serious pop of color on the lips! this look isn't for the faint of heart... red lips demand to be noticed so wear them when you are feeling your flirtiest...

on eyes from the urban decay alice in wonderland book of shadows
drink me, eat me - all over the lid
mushroom - in the crease and blended out
buxom lashliner in suede
too faced lash injection mascara in black

the key to this look is the lips... on them i'm wearing
jordana lipliner in cabernet
rimmel moisture renew lipstick - red alert

April 17, 2010

china glaze mania!

hiya dollfaces! so you know those days when the only thing that will make you happy is a new nail polish? well, that was me on thursday... so off to sally i went! the main reason i went was to find something alittle lighter than flyin' high... which i reviewed earlier and looks alittle something like this..

i found what i was looking for in this gem...

for audrey (my new favorite nail polish)

here are the two side by side...

for audrey is flyin' high's brother from another mother! i'm in LOVE with it... so ridiculously gorgeous and i cannot wait to have a pedicure with this color!! hello springtime!!! God bless china glaze and their buy 2 get 1 free offer so my arm was twisted to pick up two other colors...

this is something sweet... it's a lovely light pinkie... i love light pastel shades and this is just beautiful. i'm glad that it is opaque in two coats instead of the pink sheer colors i am used to that take forever to reach the desired shade. 5 stars for china glaze!

this is high hopes... i'm a bit leery of this as it seems very orange-alish on me. but i will wait until i'm more tan and give it another go. it may make a great pedicure shade as well... stay tuned!

soooo... tell me dollfaces... what are some new polish shades you are coveting at the moment??

April 13, 2010

blog love

the lovely nicole over at NV beauty has awarded me with this little gem! thanks nicole... now according to the rules i am to pass this on to 15 other blogs... i have chosen my top 10. these are the blogs i absolutely love! all are devoted to pretty things...LOVES IT!

so here are the blogs i heart...

check 'em out!

April 09, 2010

dollface of the day: A-game entry

hiya dollfaces!! so nicole over at NVBeauty is having a contest to bring your a-game face... this is my entry... it is inspired by a combination of alice in wonderland and lady gaga... i used only shadows from the alice in wonderland book of shadows!

i call these my butterfly eyes! so fun... but not really the most wearable of looks! :)

April 02, 2010

prettifying prop: clip on fringe

hiya dollfaces! it's good friday, but not so good for annie as i have to work... :( this also makes me extra sad because i had planned to enter NV Beauty's bring your A game contest today (my only day off)... but i was backed into a corner and asked to work by my new manager. bummer! next time Nicole... promise!

onto the topic of the day! do you ever just feel blah somedays? those days, you know, you just wanna shake things up?! it gets boring looking at the same face, same clothes yada yada... day in and day out! am i right dolls?!

when this need for change happens we can wear a bold new eyeliner or that fire engine red lipstick we've been saving for a rainy day... or we can be super drastic and cut and dye our hair!! well lately i have been thinking of cutting my bangs... i always tend to do this right be for it gets warm and i know they will irritate the cr*p out of me... not to mention, cause my forehead to break out. so the bangs idea was nixed for now, but i thought of a fun way to curb the craving... clip on fringe! why not fake it?!

i went onto etsy and found a little company that made them from human hair and they were only $8!! SCORE! the only worry i had was would the black match my hair? but they were so reasonably priced i said "what the heck?" i am so glad i got them. the color matches perfectly! although clipping them in took some getting used to. everything takes practice though doesn't it? they are made to be sideswept and that's perfect for me! i have super thick hair, but whenever i cut bangs i can never get them to be as thick as i want so these are great and so much fun. have a look...

** goofy faces alert **

presenting my new friend

place it right where you want it, clip it in... and go from thisto this

it's not drastic, but it is noticeable when i want to give my look alittle more vavavoom!

i hope you have a wonderful easter dollfaces! xoxo