May 16, 2010

great tag... my way!

i saw this tag and i liked it so much i just had to do it. i challenged myself though... i used my own personal pictures.. as a sort of scrapbook/tag combo! ha.

the rules are to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates...
and away we go... ps i started with the hates first.

i hate that my hobby is SO expensive! : )

i hate being disappointed by a mac eyeshadow.

i hate that i can't get gaga tickets unless i'm willing to spend an arm and a leg.

i hate that this light pink shade isn't available in full size.

i hate that these nail polishes are so hard to get in the US!!

i hate that i don't live closer to these three.

i hate that i have searched and searched, yet cannot find these gloves anywhere!

i hate that i keep nice and easy in business due to my premature grays!

i like dinosaurs and natural history museums!

i like to appreciate the awesomeness of nature!

i like martinis from the W hotel.

i like accessories with an edge.

i like taking crazy pictures in public places.

i like being seranaded.

i like acting goofy with my friends after a lovely happy hour.

i like individuality.

i like taking pictures in front of colorful graffiti

i like halloween creativity.

i like wigs... and the way it looks like she is looking over my shoulder. ; )

i like cupcakes from faroff lands.

last, but not least.
i LOVE my best friend. with or without makeup.


  1. What a cool post and I love that you individualized it by adding the pictures! And yes, our hobby is TOO expensive. LOL

  2. Love it Annie! Very cool way of doing this tag---wish I thought of it when I did a while back! =)

  3. thank you ladies! it was harder than it looked! i had to sift through waaaaaay too many pics! lmao. good times! xoxo

  4. As your makeup (free) bestie from a far away land, I must shout from the roof top...I LOVE THIS POST! Super fun and creative, YOU!

  5. lovin' the redhead. (as always). xoxo

  6. Lovely post there hun!Love your yt videos!Check out my blog if you like!Cheers!

  7. Where are you Annie? I just posted my next contest! Please enter! =)


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