August 13, 2010

doll love: HG foundation... for now, at least!

hiya dollfaces! hope you are all wonderful and zany on this friday the 13th! the topic o'the day is foundation. here's my thing about foundation. i have decent skin as far as spots go (although hormonal breakouts are always part of the joy of a certain time of the month)... when i seek out a foundation i want light to medium coverage, basically, to even out my skintone. i also feel that foundation is just part of a well put together face for me. i don't really care to shell out the $$$ for higher end foundations as i'm sure there are many in the drugstore that will do the job (and do it well!)

i'm sure i will begin to delve into higher end foundations at some point, but for now i have found my HG foundation and it can be found at your local cvs! LOVE IT! here it is...
it's the maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation and it is amazing! it comes in a small round disk-like container which when opened looks like this... (forgive the brush marks i use a 187 to apply)

what i love:
1. if you buy this foundation at cvs they have testers! yes, testers in a drugstore!! and therefore i was able to match my skin perfectly.
2. in correlation with number 1... since this product matches me perfectly (and i use a 187) it takes only a little bit of product to take care of my entire face. LOVE!
3. since it's a cream/mousse formula you don't make a mess everytime you put on make up... spilling out too much and what not.
4. it has buildable coverage... if i want to make this a full coverage foundation i can
5. gives skin a glowy (but not oily) finish that makes skin look very healthy

what i don't love:
1. the sponge that comes with it is eeh! so i use a 187 to apply and then the sponge to sort of dab over and make sure all the product is blended well
2. i need a setting powder to keep the "glow" at bay after application
3. after a few hours the "glow" turns into shine on my skin so i definitely have to blot and re-apply powder

also, i should mention that for me this has the staying power of about 8 hours, but that's perfectly fine for me right now as my skin is a bit on the oily side due to heat. and to be fair it does say "hydrating" on the label so i'm sure it's not really made for oily skin, but i love it anyway! :)

all in all i adore this foundation! i'm not sure if all drugstores are carrying this just yet, but when they get it in stock i encourage you to try it! it is an excellent value and a delightful foundation!

have you got yours yet??


  1. My HG foundation has been the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. It's probably made for Oily skin, but my skin is dry! But I love it anyway!! I've been wanting to try this one, but it's been sold out in the shade I think I am. I don't have testere in my CVS though, so I am jealous!!

  2. i just went to another cvs and they didn't have the testers! lame! if you have dry skin this will be perfect for you dollface! xo


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