October 17, 2010

mani of the day: fall

hiya dollfaces! i know i've been MIA... i do apologize! i work two jobs and that means i only have 1 afternoon off during the week and 1 full day off during the weekend... so it's super hectic. it's also easier for me to film vids for my youtube channel so i have been devoting my extra time to that... however, i will be trying to do more posts on here because i miss you guys! i don't like doubling up on blog and youtube posts on the same thing, but maybe i will try incorporating that. p.s. i hope you will check out and subscribe to my youtube channel. i am having a little giveaway over there right now... just subscribe and say you're a blog follower and i will enter you! :)

anyhoo on to the mani of the day. it's screams fall and sort of whispers christmas, but that's ok! it's a beautiful burgundy rust color from sinful colors called:
which is absolutely gorgeous on the nails

then i decided to spice it up a bit and add a little sticker from this pack to my left ring fingernail

and voila! a mani fit for the fall!

sinful colors are really an awesome deal! they can be found at rite aid, walgreens and cvs (?) and only cost $1.99! LOVE IT!!


  1. Very pretty color! Nice to see a blog post, but LOVE the youtube page as well! Sometimes youtube doesn't publish my comments though! Boo!


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