July 02, 2011

just in time for summer!

happy summer dollfaces! i had to go to three different rite aids (don't judge me), but i was finally able to get my hands on some of the summer goodies from New York Color (NYC).

here they are:

I picked up both of the 16hr. smooch proof lip stains and the blushable cremestick in gold radiance.

a closer look...

i have really been into lip stains lately and these two do not disappoint. tropic tan is a gorgeous bright pink shade. perfect to go under a clear gloss (with spf) and hit the beach.

coral reef is divine. it's a beautiful fruit punch colored stain that i have reached for several times over the past week. this works as an amazing base for a bright red lip.

what can i say about gold radiance? gorgeous! and with a tan? amaze-balls. what a wonderful addition to the drugstore makeup lineup... finally a highlighter!! also works wonderfully when mixed with a bit of lotion to add some shimmer to your shoulders on a hot summer night.

all three:

the verdict:

i'm incredibly impressed. NYC has done it again. the lipstains don't last 16 hrs. (does anything?!) ha. i have used coral reef more than the other two, but it's still early summer!!

what are your latest summer finds dollfaces??


  1. OMG! A blog post from Annie! Yeeeeeeah!! I love that highlighter! Must get my hands on these....like, tonight!! Love them! So far I've picked up some awesome eyeshadows from WnW---they are rocking my socks off lately! I also have been loving those Almay trios I just blogged about and one of those Miliani HD lipsticks/balms...not sure what it is but I wear it EVERYDAY! I have the color Class Nude and it goes with EVERYTHING!

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