January 28, 2010

introductions and inspirations

hello dolls!
my name is ann a.k.a. anniedollface and this is not just another beauty blog... it's my beauty blog. i have to admit i LOVE many forms of creativity, but makeup is probably my favorite. i plan on allowing this blog to evolve with me and my readers. i will have reviews of products, dollface challenges, contests, dollfaces of the day and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy. i absolutely love reading other beauty blogs and thought i should give it a try... i do not think that i am perfect nor am i professional makeup artist... i just think makeup is fun and i love to play.
for my first ever blog post i thought i would give you some insight into me as a person and let you know some things that inspire me.
so without further adieu...


i lived in new york for a year and fell in love with it. there is no other place like it on earth. it inspires me to no end. the hustle. the bustle. the noise, the smog, the attitudes! from the moment you step outside you are bombarded with colors and lights... you can have anything you want at anytime. the diversity and general acceptance of that diversity is almost palpable. i was born and bred in california, but new york is my home away from home and where i live in my heart. it's energy has inspired me in countless ways, not the least of which being to come back to california and finish my BA in psychology (which i just completed). nyc smacks you across your face everyday and will never apologize. (here i am smack dab in the middle of times square)

Lady Ga Ga
i love this woman. i listen to her music almost religiously and study her makeup looks like a picasso painting. the main thing i adore about her is she understands the business of celebrity like few others. she is a walking piece of art and can singlehandedly get her name in the paper just by choosing an outfit of the day. oh the power. she is fearless! also she has almost a cult of followers who mimic her style and imitate her dance moves and that can't be all bad. however, the main reason she inspires me is that she encourages people to be themselves and to not try to squeeze themselves into some construct or stereotype and for that i (and countless others) thank her.


oh mac how much do i love thee?? let me count the ways. i don't have to tell you that in the way of cosmetics mac is definitely a leader. from neutrals.... to smokey eyes... to crazy "balls out" looks there is most assuredly something at the mac counter to suit your fancy. i love that they are constantly debuting limited edition colors and products and encouraging the evolution of my palettes! mac inspires me to try new things and appreciate the variety of colors and textures. and it shouldn't go without saying that mac inspires me to not give up on my old eyeshadows... they might be hiding a fantastical look i just haven't discovered yet.


i love pictures! i love conceptualizing, styling and the finish product. and i have the utmost respect for photographers like mario testino, annie leibovitz, herb ritts (r.i.p.) and david lachapelle (the photographer of this pic). i can't get enough of his pictures. although a small warning here... if you go searching for his pics be prepared for nudity! he has a clearly defined point of view. to me he is like a spoiled child and i love him for it. his use of color and visual imagery takes my breath away. the attention to detail and the fact that the entire frame is filled show me exactly how well thought out his photographs are. i appreciate that. his shots seem to come from a place of satire, sarcasm and sadistic whimsy. you are never quite sure what you are looking at. first, he pulls you in with the pretty colors and cool makeup... then you begin to see what's really going on in the picture and that's how he grabs you! he inspires me to keep things interesting and mysterious and leave people with just enough of a question mark that they feel compelled to take a second look...

that's kind of my hope for this blog really.

this was fun and eye opening... what inspires you?

put your best face forward...



  1. Very cool start to your blog. I look forward to seeing what else you have to blog! =) Please check out my blog as well! nvbeauty.blogspot.com =)

  2. thank you so much!! you are my first comment ever! : ) i'm on my way to check out your blog and follow as well!


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