January 30, 2010

my first dollface RAVE!

for my first product rave i wanted it to be something so kick*ss. so amazing. so tried and true that i just had to shout from the rooftops... "THIS ROCKS!!" and that is exactly what i have for you dolls...

this gem is the eyeshadow jealous jordana from the shady lady range of the brand the balm. let me tell you the balm = THE BOMB! i have several of their eyeshadows and the pigmentation is ridiculous! they are so incredibly rich in color and depth. if you are like me and love a deep, dark eye you MUST give their eyeshadows a try (the balm products are sold at sephora if you're wondering).

you may be asking why jealous jordana? well, as a brown eyed doll i absolutely LOVE doing my eyes in varying shades of green because they make my eyes go BOING! i stumbled upon this color in sephora a couple of years ago, swatched it and was instantly in love. it is a rich emerald green with tiny flecks of blue... don't worry though... these flecks provide a subtle shimmer not urban decay glitterocity! i will be posting a look i did with jealous jordana soon and you can have a looksie.

a word to the wise though... when i say deep color i mean DEEP COLOR. this shade is not for the faint of heart or the heavy of hand. to understand what i mean take a look at the pic above... that product on my finger was from touching (touching not swiping) jealous jordana twice! it is an amazing color for the crease and outer corner or to deepen a neutral look. just remember to tap off the excess before applying to lids and use just a bit at a time and build up to your desired depth (and blend, blend, blend my sistas). or just wet a brush, swipe some j.j. and use it as an eyeliner.

i think jealous jordana might just be my favorite... don't tell my other eyeshadows! wouldn't want to make them jealous! : )

the dollface verdict:

so dollicious and worth it!


  1. aw that looks amazing! i want to try it now and i love greens and browns and blacks! Yayy! So i'll take your word for it:)


  2. It looks really nice! And you are so pretty! You really look like a doll!

  3. thanks so much ladies! tineasha you might want to start following... i'm having a little contest when i reach 20 followers and just they will be entered.

    and mari you are too sweet!! you made my whole day. thanks for following!

    let me know if there's anything you want to see!


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