June 15, 2010

for shine-free dollfaces...

hiya dollfaces!! i'm always on the hunt for a good primer. a few months ago i visited seattle and after alittle sephora haulage came home with this primer right here.

it is the sephora brand base zero brillance anti-shine primer. i am always on the search for a primer that keeps my oily skin shine in check. i'm not looking for a miracle worker that stops oil production forever. all i ask is that it cut down my mid-afternoon shine. and this baby does the trick. after washing my face and letting my moisturizer soak in - this is key- i apply a pea sized amount like so...

i only apply primer to my t-zone and leave the drier skin of my cheeks to fend for itself. i let that soak in and then apply foundation as per usual.

here are my observations...


blends in easily and soaks in completely

controls shine for about 4 to 5 hours

very light feeling

doesn't interfere with regular makeup

sanitary tube

excellent value! one tube is about $18 and it has lasted me over 5 months so far!


it does melt! be careful storing it during the summer months!

don't store it on its head! it may pour out! store it by lying the tube down.

if you use a matte foundation, it may take some work to blend into skin that has been primed. just wet a sponge with water or fix+ and blend. not a huge problem.

this is purely an anti-shine primer. it does not fill in pores or create a smooth base for easy foundation application.

the doll lowdown

awesome product if you are inclined to shiny noses! a must have for the upcoming summer months. definitely try it out and let me know how it goes!


  1. Glad you found something that works for you! I know you're a super busy dollface, but please don't forget to come check out my contest and enter! http://nvbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/05/sedona-lace-your-face.html

  2. i've been planning my look and am gonna try to film it today before work... :) i won't be as busy now... 1 of my jobs has ended for summer. yay!

  3. oooh i want to try this stuff!!! I bought the smashbox anti shine stuff as well.

    @annie I haven't tried the mascara yet because when I received I had just opened a new bottle of my favorite loreal stuff. Sorry I will let you know when I do!!

  4. Hi lovely! I have left you a prize in my blog! It is called "Because you are very sweet".
    Hope you like it!


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