September 04, 2010

rimmel makes me wanna pucker up

hiya dollfaces! i just wanted to take a second and sing the praises for a drugstore brand of lipsticks... they are the moisture renew lipcolors from rimmel. i am loving these right now! here are the five i have (complete with swatches):

what i love:
1. the price! these lipsticks run about $6.99 (and drugstores are always having buy one get one half off or 40% off deals)
2. the color selection! don't quote me on this, but there were at least 20 to choose from at my local cvs. it's great because you can try out different colors without breaking the bank! success!
3. the texture! they are creamy and easy to apply and do not feel like your wearing a heavy lipstick at all. ** a note here... mauve pink is the exception to this. it has glitter in it which makes it appear glossy on the lips, but which lingers once the lippie has worn off **
4. SPF! each lippie has an spf of 18. nice!
5. pigmentation! all of mine are rich and fully pigmented. yay!

what i don't love:
1. the wear! they are definitely not long lasting. i would say maybe an hour without touch ups.
2. the glitter! if mauve pink has glitter in it then i'm sure other colors do and i am not a fan of that at all.

all in all they are great products and fun to use. have you tried them?? and what are your favorite colors?? vintage pink is definitely the stand out for me! LOVE! and red alert is what you need for an in-your-face red lip!!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that the SPF in these does not protect from UVA rays, the ones that cause aging and cancer. It only protects you from the burning rays.

  2. ooh! thanks for the tip dollface! xo

  3. Yikes! I do love the color "Dreamy" though! So pretty!


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