September 01, 2010

when fall comes to my nails...

hiya dollfaces! sorry for being such a slacker! i have been putting a lot of effort into my youtube channel and not enough here. my apologies! i have been waiting till fall to rock some dark teal nails, but i couldn't wait any longer!! so today i have a notd featuring a standout nail color from sinful colors new fall collection called stormy. it is gorgeous. depending on the light it can look black, dark teal and almost emerald with flecks of blue. it's a very mysterious color and i love it! even better... i love the price $1.99 at rite aid! you may have to hunt it down though... i got the last bottle at my store and have visited several others and it is always the one sold out of the display. i hope it's not limited edition! anyhoo here are the pics.

without flash
(pardon the air bubbles... painted them right before running out the door)

with flash

what color nails are you rockin' for fall??


  1. I'm super lazy with my nails. I usually don't wear anything. Too busy running after my kids and enjoying the rare moment to relax and do nothing!

  2. Glad to see you back on your blog too!

  3. I agree, I love dark teals. This looks like two other sinful "dark teal" colors. "Whats your name" and "See you soon" :)

    Thanks for reminding me :)


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