May 01, 2011

THE lipstick for spring!

okay dollfaces! so i have finally purchased my new HG lipstick. it is an absolutely gorgeous coral from MAC called Ever Hip. i missed it when it was released with the liberty of london collection last year, but i would be d*mned if i was going to miss it when it was re-released with the fashion flower collection this year! here it is...

omg! it's so beautiful!! it's a cremesheen which means it doesn't last long on the lips. reapplication is necessary, but so worth it! i will be doing a video detailing how i wear this to intensify the color so stay tuned. it is absolutely THE color for spring!!

here it is sheered out...

what do you think of the color? have you picked it up yet? i may or may not have picked up an extra for a giveaway on my youtube channel... please subscribe!


  1. I love colors like this year round!!!! I think I need this color, like right NOW! lol

  2. How did I not see this post sooner? Very pretty color!! Looking forward to the video!


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