July 19, 2010

lookie what i got...

hiya dollfaces!! it's nordstrom anniversary time again and this year MAC had two great brush sets... one for eyes and one for face. as i have been itching to try their face brushes i went for that set and am completely in like! here's what the set looks like... and yes, it comes with a brush roll!

it comes with a 194 concealer brush... which doubles quite nicely as a lip brush (thanks brandi for mentioning that).

i had been waiting to purchase a 168 blush/contour brush because i knew that this set was coming and i absolutely love it!!
it also comes with the 190 foundation brush and i have been using this to apply concealer under my eyes and blend. it's pretty soft and glides nicely over the skin.
the reason i got the brush set was this beauty. the 187 stippling duo fiber brush. i use this to apply my foundation. i have to say i like it, but i'm not in love with it. :( the hairs are too long and i wish it was more dense. alas, that is why i bought the set... to see what i might want to purchase in full size... the 168? yes! the 187? no.
all in all it will make a great travel set. i will just switch out the 190 and the 194 for a 239 and a 224 and be out the door!


  1. So glad to see a new post from you! I was wondering where you were! Of course, I'm guilting of being MIA for a while too! I actually broke my digital camera and just now got a new one so I can get back to posting!

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