July 25, 2010

mac/rodarte: my take

** i try to keep this blog as fun as makeup is, but this topic has gotten under my skin... and maybe not for the reason you're thinking...

i'm sure you've heard all about this whole mac/rodarte controversy and what not. i just wanted to take a second and chime in. it's really irritating that mac are being chided for "only" making a $100,000 donation. if it really p*sses people off that much then why aren't they making their own donations? perhaps any monies that they would have spent on this line...

i look at it like this... mac either:

1. really had no clue when they named the nail polish or lipstick or whatever and, therefore, are being super cool in donating money now that people have brought it to their attention

or (the more likely)...

2. mac is an empire. it's a business people. and that business prides itself on marketing. perhaps they knew EXACTLY what they were doing and wanted to shine some light on the plight of the women of juarez.

and, if the latter is the case, then beauty bloggers and everyone else who is up in arms should be finding a useful charity and making donations that will actually go to those women... or, better yet, find out which companies manufacture their products in these hell holes and stop buying them.

don't put it as mac's responsibility to donate all profits to this cause. i think that is highly unfair. i also believe anyone who says they will boycott this line will go right back to the counter when venomous villains comes out or when they run out of their studio fix foundation and that is highly hypocritical if one is so upset with mac.

this is my take. mac provided a little controversy... that controversy shed some light on a topic that has been swept under the rug for ages... that light made people aware and angry about the topic... and that awareness and anger may actually get people to act... and those acts will create change.

thanks mac.


  1. Hey Doll...I'm ready for the MAC/Rodarte controversy to be done on blogger as much as you!

    I also wanted to pop in and let you know I did a tag this morning and it was pretty fun! I didn't "tag" people, but I'm tagging you now! http://nvbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/07/tag-youre-it.html

    Would love to read your responses!

  2. Well said. People need to put up their on donations or shut up.

  3. I am so glad you think this way. I seriously wonder if all the people who have been griping about this have even given one dime to help the situation with the women in that area of the world.

    I know many are saying "well MAC is just giving the money to look good!!" Well duh, the majority of businesses that do give to charities do if for their own motives. As someone who has worked in this field, I do not give a dang what their motives are as long as they give the money to allow us to function and do what we need to do to help others.

    I agree that maybe what was done was done in poor taste, but now a bigger population of people are aware of what is going on and maybe those same people will wake up. Also, money is being donated. All the offenders have apologized and tried to right their wrong. Time to forgive, but not forget the women of Ciudad Juarez.



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