July 05, 2010

testing, testing YOU!!

hiya dollfaces!! i want to get to know YOU better! in an effort to make this a more interactive blog i need your input!! i have 3 questions for you and they are as follows:
1. where in the world are you from??
2. name one of your holy grail products... something you simply CANNOT live without...
3. tell us one piece of beauty advice that you heed...

i would be overjoyed if i could get even half of my followers to respond to this!

as for my responses...
1. southern california, USA
2. shu uemora eyelash curler
3. even if you're exhausted you must always, always wash your face before hitting the sheets!

k, dollfaces... your turn!! don't be shy...


  1. Very cool post Annie!
    1. Fredericksburg, VA
    2. Benefit Erase Paste
    3. Always wear sunscreen!!

  2. yay! thank you for the reply!! i was beginning to think my readers were shy!!

    haha... not a chance! xoxo

  3. Where in the world I'm from:
    A secret underground bunker in Kansas. And now that I've told you, I'll have to retcon the lot of you.

    My HG product:
    Er. Er. Er. Um...narrowing this down to one is such a pain. Okay, for lips: BE Buxom lip gloss in April. For eyes: The SheSpace's Define Beauty (or Aromaleigh's Angelique - they're almost identical.) For the face: Meow Cosmetics' Pampered Puss foundation (my shade: Frisky Chausie.)

    Beauty advice that I heed:
    If I want to try something, I'll try it. Even if lots of other people say that the color wouldn't look good on me. (Half the time I can make that color work really well.)

  4. This is a great blog post idea!

    1 - London

    2 - Olay tinted moisturiser, vaseline lip tin and black track eyeliner

    3 - Don't bite your nails and don't drag at the skin around your eyes when removing make-up, moisturising etc and you're always more beautiful when you smile!

    my blog - realfourteen

  5. 1. Southern California..woohoo SoCal!
    2. rosebud lip salve
    3. Always wash your face and moisturize before bed, this is SOOOO important!

  6. Hi Annie!
    1. I'm from Portugal, in Europe. Do you know where it's at? :D

    2. I can't live without polishes. I love a red one. Risqué's Love or the Koh Red. Be-au-ti-full!

    3. I don't have magic tricks, that's why i'm ugly, buáááááá!
    Ok, for the hair, always use the conditioner.


  7. Hey Annie! Just saw your "Gays & Dolls" episode on youtube! I tried to comment, but I don't think it went though! We've gotta hear you sing now!! I'm demanding it!! Also, love your hair and Matt is adorable! I wish he could cut my hair!! Beautiful!!

    LOOK! You're about to hit 100 followers!!! Whooop Whooop!!!

  8. Hiya,
    I. am in New Zealand.... Kiwi gal :)
    2. I probably could not live without my Mac Russian Red lipstick
    3. H2O, Aqua, Water, etc....

    Awesome blog by the way!

  9. OMG!! i am so incredibly thrilled that i have readers from around the world!! LOVE IT!!! thanks for responding to this post! xoxo

  10. Hi! Im a new follower. And I think post is fun.

    1. I am from Manila, Philippines
    2. I cannot live without my lip balm/gloss and sunblock
    3. drink lots of water and dont forget to apply sunblock. These 2 will help achieve younger and flawless looking skin.



  11. 1. United Kingdom
    2. Red Lipstick
    3. Drink lots of water and try not to sleep on your face to prevent wrinkling

  12. This is a great idea. My name is Tiffanie : )
    1. I'm from the Midwest (IL)
    2. NEED CO Bigelow mentha lip balm
    3. I must moisturize often! (morning and night)


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