April 22, 2010

attention! you NEED this mascara.

hiya dollfaces! so my mac has officially debuted the newest addition to their mascara lineup and it's called OPULASH! doesn't that just sound fabulous?! i feel priveledged because it's not supposed to hit counters until may 27th... but through a twist of fate and a nordstrom exclusive it is mine...

the word on the street, about this baby, is that it rivals dior show mascara... unfortunately, i can't justify spending $25+ on mascara so i wouldn't know, but when mac offers me an alternative i would be stupid to not take them up on it. naturally i HAD to have it!

here's what mac has to say about the product:

"Big, fat, full, bouffant lashes! Dramatic density and curl achieved with a giant brush! Fibers go in all directions for thick, rich, even application with no clumping. Long-wearing formula—up to 15 hours—quickly thickens lashes root to tip."
here is the beauty

the short is i LOVE this product! it is volumizing (as you will see in the following pics). it goes on thin, but is very buildable without looking clumpy! the pics below are with 1 (yes i said one) coat and a little curl with my shu uemora curler! the best part of this mascara is it does not flake!!! i find, with many of my mascaras, after 8 hours of wear i begin to find flakes on my cheeks and under my eyes. a definite deal breaker for me... but that is not the case with this gem. admittedly, i am a mascara person and i definitely think this is my new HG.
check out the pics and marvel at the difference between my naked lashes and my opulashes!!

amazing right?

i'm having a contest with a tube of opulash as the prize! read all about it HERE and don't forget to enter... either on this post or that one. good luck!


  1. OMG! You have great lashes anyway, but this is crazy!!! Looks great! I would love to win this for subbing to you (which I already am...so hopefully I can try to win too!)

  2. of course you will be entered!! TWICE! xoxo

  3. You're right, I do need this mascara!

  4. your lashes look amazing after using this!!! I HOPE I WIN!! I need this mascara :)

    ENTER ME!!

    love your show

  5. Please enter me! Your eyelashes are intense, with and without mascara!

  6. enter me - your lashes look amazing!!!

  7. awesome mascara - im usually just a drugstore mascara lady - but these results are totally not hyped and this just might be something I want! - sooooo enter me :o)

  8. Hi Annie! It is AdelaideAuzzie from youtube. I came over here to check out your blog! Very nice! I was on the fence about this mascara, but I have to say your review sealed the deal. Opulash enhanced your already amazing lashes. Good luck with your youtube channel and the blog. :) Adelaide~

    P.S. I am a child of the 80's, so I know what you mean about the movies! LOL!

  9. you ladies are all so kind! and are all soooo entered! good luck!

    adelaide thank you for the well wishes and lovely comments!! you made my day! xoxo the 80's rules!!

  10. your lashes are amazing---ENTER ME!!!!!

  11. Amazing!!!! I think I need that mascara. Your eyelashes look so great with it...


    Thanks to following MAC on Twitter, I discovered your show :D Thank you!!!


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