April 27, 2010


hiya dollfaces! today i am keeping this post short and sweet! i want to get to know you better! so i have a tag for ya! it's easy too! i wanna know what are the top five products you are lemming for at the moment??? your beauty wishlist top 5... right now i am lusting for these five goodies...

1. st. tropez bronzing mousse - i live in california yet don't have a tan! what better time than may-ish to get started! i don't usually like self tanners, but this one is highly recommended by youtubers and beauty bloggers alike! must. try. it.

2. mac chromographic pencil in nw 25/30... i'm just too curious! i mean a pencil concealer and safe for the waterline?! i'm in... (i'll probably pick this up this week)

3. dior addict shine fragrance - i am very picky about frangrance as i am prone to migraines, but this scent is divine!

4. a nars eyeshadow - it's time to venture out! any suggestions on a color from my nars lovers out there??? let me know!

5. makeup forever camoflage cream palette - helps hide all of the imperfections! i like!!

so tell me dollfaces! what's on YOUR list right now?? you can respond here or do a post about it and give me a link!

*** and don't forget to enter my mac opulash contest!!


  1. Oooh we have a lot of the same wants! :)

  2. great minds think alike miss amber! xoxo i also want a ysl lipstick... forgot that one! :)


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