April 02, 2010

prettifying prop: clip on fringe

hiya dollfaces! it's good friday, but not so good for annie as i have to work... :( this also makes me extra sad because i had planned to enter NV Beauty's bring your A game contest today (my only day off)... but i was backed into a corner and asked to work by my new manager. bummer! next time Nicole... promise!

onto the topic of the day! do you ever just feel blah somedays? those days, you know, you just wanna shake things up?! it gets boring looking at the same face, same clothes yada yada... day in and day out! am i right dolls?!

when this need for change happens we can wear a bold new eyeliner or that fire engine red lipstick we've been saving for a rainy day... or we can be super drastic and cut and dye our hair!! well lately i have been thinking of cutting my bangs... i always tend to do this right be for it gets warm and i know they will irritate the cr*p out of me... not to mention, cause my forehead to break out. so the bangs idea was nixed for now, but i thought of a fun way to curb the craving... clip on fringe! why not fake it?!

i went onto etsy and found a little company that made them from human hair and they were only $8!! SCORE! the only worry i had was would the black match my hair? but they were so reasonably priced i said "what the heck?" i am so glad i got them. the color matches perfectly! although clipping them in took some getting used to. everything takes practice though doesn't it? they are made to be sideswept and that's perfect for me! i have super thick hair, but whenever i cut bangs i can never get them to be as thick as i want so these are great and so much fun. have a look...

** goofy faces alert **

presenting my new friend

place it right where you want it, clip it in... and go from thisto this

it's not drastic, but it is noticeable when i want to give my look alittle more vavavoom!

i hope you have a wonderful easter dollfaces! xoxo


  1. How fun! I think this is better than cutting your hair! I always regreat haircuts! Maybe that's just me! But looks super cute!

    Also, in case you didn't see...I decided to extend the Bring your A game contest! So please find time to enter! You can submit your look(s) until April 9th at midnight EST! Can't wait to see what you've got!

  2. Hey Doll,I just gave you a blog award! Hope you like it!


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