April 17, 2010

china glaze mania!

hiya dollfaces! so you know those days when the only thing that will make you happy is a new nail polish? well, that was me on thursday... so off to sally i went! the main reason i went was to find something alittle lighter than flyin' high... which i reviewed earlier and looks alittle something like this..

i found what i was looking for in this gem...

for audrey (my new favorite nail polish)

here are the two side by side...

for audrey is flyin' high's brother from another mother! i'm in LOVE with it... so ridiculously gorgeous and i cannot wait to have a pedicure with this color!! hello springtime!!! God bless china glaze and their buy 2 get 1 free offer so my arm was twisted to pick up two other colors...

this is something sweet... it's a lovely light pinkie... i love light pastel shades and this is just beautiful. i'm glad that it is opaque in two coats instead of the pink sheer colors i am used to that take forever to reach the desired shade. 5 stars for china glaze!

this is high hopes... i'm a bit leery of this as it seems very orange-alish on me. but i will wait until i'm more tan and give it another go. it may make a great pedicure shade as well... stay tuned!

soooo... tell me dollfaces... what are some new polish shades you are coveting at the moment??


  1. 'something sweet' is beautiful!!


  2. All of them look gorgeous on you!!Lovely nail polishes!

  3. I just can't get into those blue polishes, though the colors are very pretty. I just feel strange with colors on my fingernails--I save it for my tootsies!

  4. Oh my,... I am falling in love with China Glaze nail polishes... I may order some!
    Thanks for following my blog.

  5. I bought my first China Glaze recently -- For Audrey. Love it!



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