February 21, 2010

what was i thinking... part 3

hello dolls! it's "what was i thinking?" monday and for this edition i present to you a lipgloss by smashbox. to be precise it's a "wicked lovely" lipgloss in the color coy and it's a waste of money! what can i say... i was lured in by the pink and black box and the sale price of $10...
here it is...
i ordered it online (my mistake) and when i received it i put one swipe on my lips and closed the tube forever... it was...

no wonder it was on sale! i promised myself, then and there, that i would think twice before purchasing any lipglosses i'm not familiar with online again!
hope your monday is moving along famously and you're having better luck with your lipglosses!


  1. hey doll! I was just checking out your blog! love love love :) as for the cheap lip gloss, its a hit or miss lol anyways, im a new follower and a new blogger, come visit/follow me:)


    xoxo suzanna

  2. Bummer...though it still looks pretty! You probably have naturally pigmented lips! But not worth $10,tax, and shipping! You can get the same effect from anything CVS can throw at ya!


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