February 23, 2010


hi dolls!! so i went to the icing yesterday and found the most unbelievable earrings!! i mean, seriously, i'm in LOVE...
here they are!!

fantastic snakes!

on thursday i have an interview and i am wearing these to show an "edge"... it is with MAC and while i want to dress profressionally... i knew that i needed a little kick with a side of mystery. i love how these cover the entire earlobe. original and a bit daring...

just the way i like it!

as soon as i saw these i knew they were perfect. my whole look is being built around these earrings...

don't you love sweet inspiration?

(sorry for the blurry pic! better ones to follow.. but you get the jist about covering the earlobe)

where do you find your inspiration?


  1. Very cool! Good luck with your interview!!!

  2. Yay MAC interview! god luck babygirl! as for the earrings...if they dont like anything about you, they will hire you just bc the snakes are AWESOME! git will add a great look and great feel to the outfit! :)

    xoxo suzanna


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