February 11, 2010

goo-goo for GAGA!!

the day has come dolls!! viva glam gaga has officially hit my mac counter and, of course, i just had to pick one up! needless to say i'm in love! it's a wonderful bubblegummy-pinkish-girly-girl color!! you can wear it as light or as bright as you like.
here she is...

after i swatched it i decided to see how it stacked up against a couple of its sisters... blankety and creme de nude. i love them all in their own ways, but viva glam gaga is the frontrunner as of today!

what do you think dolls? did you get yours yet? remember every cent from each purchase is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund...


  1. I think this is a little too pink for me! But I'm glad you love it!

  2. that's what i thought too when i first saw it... but if you wear it lightly it's perfect. it's a lustre so it's not too heavy with the pigment. this swatch is about 5 swipes! lol.

    to be honest i would make it work anyway... because of my love for lady gaga! : )


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