February 14, 2010

these... i love

hi ya dolls and happy hearts day! in honor of this day devoted to love i thought that i would dedicate this post to that which i am loving right now... it's not your typical post because it's not your typical day...

and away we go...

first up... this red and black wig! last week i celebrated my birthday with a wigged out party at a bar with an 80's band that you could karaoke to. it was major! i love this picture too! this was a mural in the bathroom! ha. i especially love that it looks like she is looking over my shoulder. so fun.

next up... i love new york. i lived there for a year and it will always hold a special place in my heart... i found this necklace at forever 21 and knew it had to be mine.

i heart urban decay eyeshadow in sellout. it is my absolute go to highlight for the brow bone. and it is the only eyeshadow that i've repurchased three times! ladies and ladies... we have a winner with this one!

i heart nars lipgloss in turkish delight. it is the best of the best. i'm not one who needs fifty lipglosses at hand... nor do i have the money to afford them! ha. instead i will spend some good money on a select few and use them up. this is a lovely shade of pink...like my lips... only better. will definitely repurchase.

last, but not least... i heart my bestie. for better or for worse. in sickness and in health... she will always be my valentine.

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