February 16, 2010

get thee to a walgreens... nowza!

hi dolls! today let's have a looksie at one of my fave brands of eyeliner... like... ever! and the best part is... it's drugstore brand!! oh, oh, oh and let me take that good news one step further... they are sold 2 for $3!! SCORE!!! the gorgeous creations are by jordana (which are sold at walgreens) and they are called kohl kajal eyeliner pencils. they are just as good as the stila kohl kajal eyeliners... for 10% of the price. yay! they are smooth and blendable and have fantastic pigment... take a look.i LOVE finding me a good deal and these eyeliners are amazing for the super affordable price! i believe there are about ten colors and i have four, but will definitely be back for more!!
the dollface verdict:


  1. I was just looking at these this evening and didn't buy them! I'll have to go back pick up a couple!

  2. do it doll! you won't be sorry!! they are great!!! yay!

  3. Oh la la la! I've been looking for a dupe for Stila! Wuhu! Thanks Doll!!!

    I also just tagged you here! http://nvbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/02/threes-of-me.html
    Play along!

  4. I was looking for an eyeliner that would stay on my waterline... The problem I have had in the past is I run an eyeliner over my waterline, but nothing comes off! I finally found one that shows up on my waterline, but it smears too easily. Do these show up on waterlines?

  5. lydia, these don't really stay on the waterline. look for a kohl pencil like feline from mac (my personal fave).

    or there is an eyeliner by covergirl that has a sponge applicator on one side and pencil on the other... i have found this one works amazingly well too!


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