February 20, 2010

dollface of the night...blue smoke

i know i have spoken about this color before, but man-oh-man i LOVE it!! it really is my go-to eyeshadow for night time smoke! alas it is mac's contrast... i just lined my lower lashline, loaded it on my lid and crease and blended out with hush by mac... alittle urban decay 24-7 liner in zero on upper lash line and bingo bango... blue smoke.
i must confess... i buy navy shirts just so i can wear this eyeshadow! tell me your absolute favorite eyeshadow colors... always on the lookout for more hg eyeshadows...

full dollface


  1. This is a gorgeous look i love it xoxo

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! So fierce! =) I don't think I really have a shade that I'm gaga for. I do adore MAC's HoneyLust!! It's not super pigmented, but has such a pretty sheen!! Will be busting that out this summer!! Woop woop!


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