February 15, 2010

what's the opposite of rave?

when i bought...
as you can see, dolls, this is the john frieda moisture barrier firm hold hairspray and i'm here to tell you... DON'T!! it's horrible! it is probably the worst hairspray i have ever used. it is like spraying dusty glue on your hair. ick. ick. ick. it flakes, it doesn't move and don't even think you will be able to get a brush through this the next day. i remember once i had to shampoo my bangs twice because they still were glued together from this gem. i suppose if we were back in the days of bee hives and backcombing this would come in handy, but when i just want to keep the flyaways at bay this product is a huge FAIL. hope your hairspray is treating you right!

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  1. The opposite of rave would be rant! And that certainly describes this post!

    Glad you reviewed it, otherwise I may have tried this one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE JF Frizz-ease syrum! It's the best for summer humidity!

    Guess you can't be the best at everything!! =)


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