February 27, 2010

once upon a saturday...

hello there dolls! today, after many failed attempts, my friend christy and i finally made it to a mac pro store and the fun ensued... it made for a lovely saturday afternoon. here are my new goodies!

i had to buy a palette to house all of my freshly depotted shadows... then my main goal was to find the perfect pink blush and i believe i have found it in the amazing pink swoon! i said "i want a pinky-just-pinched-my cheeks-color" and i got it. deelish!

i was in the mood for some new grey shadows to add to my collection so i picked up scene (muted blue-grey -satin), print (muted grey with shimmer - satin) and the classic carbon (black - matte). i also bought the 266 brush because really nothing can compare to it when it comes to applying fluidline... and that's that.

as soon as i saw true babe i knew i had to have it!! and i'm so in love with it. what an amazing bright pink to freshen up my look. it was one of those things i didn't know i wanted until i saw it! i can not wait to do some dollfaces of the day with my new friends and show you!! hope you're enjoying a rockin' weekend!!


  1. Great Haul! I love it

    xoxo suzanna


  2. You didn't get the polishes you've been waiting for? Are they less impressive in person?

  3. @ suzanna - thanks doll!

    @ NV Beauty - yeah i don't get to do much of these... they are so fun!!

    @ ann - i keep meaning to do a post about that nail polish!! yes, sadly, black enough was much less impressive in person! i was also warned by a mac makeup artist friend of mine that they peel in less then 24 hrs of application! my friend christy did a test swatch on her nail and within 20 minutes of drying she could peel the polish off! ick. don't do it. i will continue my quest for the perfect black...


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