February 06, 2010

the first ever doll-namic duo

hi dolls! in honor of the weekend and my love for the original doll-namic duo of saturday and sunday i am dedicating this post to two colors that work together famously! as you can see they are contrast and love lace (both by mac). love lace is a light blue and with my dark features reads rather pale on my face... however once i add contrast (a rich, deep blue and one of my favorite mac shades) wham-o! more definition in the crease and outer corner!! i love this combo of colors and therefore they receive my first award of doll-namic duo!!


  1. ohhhh...i've been meaning to go to MAC and find a bluish/gray color and that love lace color looks very appealing right about now :)

    Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!


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