February 02, 2010

dollfaces and demons

hi dolls! i am so excited to say i have 11 followers now! ok maybe that's lame and it doesn't sound like alot, but to me it's frickin' awesome! so i've decided to have a contest and give away a little goodie from lush!

here's the prize: a .21lb bar of demon in the dark soap from lush...

here's how lush describes it
"This soap may appear to be rather quiet, but once you peel off the black wax exterior, peppermint and spearmint will leap out and possess your senses. The sharp minty smells are combined with clove and apple juice to make your skin feel tingly and polished. Perfect to wake you up or refresh you if you're feeling a little sluggish. Lather up masses of green foamy bubbles all over and you'll see why this soap can really enliven your spirits."

also included is this little tin box to house your new bar of demon in the dark!
you may be wondering how do i win?! well... first and foremost i want this to go to one of my first 25 followers! and it doesn't matter if you're in the u.s. or not... this is how it will work. every one of my first 25 followers will be entered automatically... however, you can get more than one entry... and this is how... say you refer a friend and tell him/her to start following me because i'm so creative and cool (lol)... just have him/her comment on this post and say who referred them and voila! you are entered twice. quick and simple. this contest will run until february 9th... or until i reach 25 followers.
good luck and tell a friend!!
oh... and next up will be a contest for 50! be ready!


  1. Awesome giveaway! Don't forget to enter mine too!

  2. Oh, and you're not lame for being excited about new follwers! It's exciting to that someone out there is actually interested in what you have to say!

    I am sure your blog will catch on quickly! Your personality exudes from the screen! I am going to add you to my blogroll, if I haven't already!


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