February 08, 2010

regretfully mine

hi dolls! so today i'm going to launch my "what was i thinking?!" mondays... you know how mondays are?? the weekend is over and quite often there are one or two regrets from the two days that have past and you say to yourself what was i thinking? perhaps you didn't get everything done that you needed to accomplish... perhaps you drank too much or didn't stick to your diet... or liplocked with the wrong person. : )

you know what i'm talking about.
well every monday i'm going to feature a product that i have in my vast collection that i regret spending my hard earned money on. and without further adieu...

when i bought...

this little gem is guacamole by mac... it is green frost color and i hate in on me! usually i adore greens, but this one is almost neon on me and it's not cute! it fact, it's obnoxiously green. it has way too much yellow undertone for my liking and that is why it sits untouched in my makeup case. i've given guacamole several opportunities to prove its worth to me and it has failed at every turn. and that is why it wins the first what was i thinking award. oh well... we all make mistakes sometime. ok dollfaces... fess up... what are some of your regrets??

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