February 18, 2010

i've got polish on the brain

hi dolls! today is february 18th and you know what that means? another line is being released by mac today... it's called riveting. if you remember an earlier post i am looking forward to one product in particular... a matte black nail polish called black enough?... until i can get myself to a mac counter this little post dedicated to an affordable and fantabulous line of polish will have to pass the time.

i love polishing my nails. it's a quick and easy way to look put together, fab or funky. i'm always on the lookout for good polishes that cover well and dry fast...

so a couple of months back i bought a sephora by o.p.i. nail polish in metro chic. i was so looking forward to it! i had read many blogs and saw many youtube videos touting the color and its overall awesomeness, so i just had to have it.... as soon as i got it home i tried it out. to be frank it was not cute. it was thin and looked horrible with my skintone. i hated it and thought "there's another $10 wasted!"

not one to be defeated... i got to perusing my other polishes. i thought i might be able to find one that could act as an undercoat and deepen the color a bit. i came across a shade i have been loving for awhile... it's called ice queen and it's by icing. yes, icing as in the accessory store at the mall. turns out their polishes rock my world. the formulation is smooth, they cover evenly and they dry super fast. and they last forever! love them!

now back to the subject at hand. metro chic was dull and lame. ice queen was cool and deep. together they made a perfect and wearable dollnamic duo of the nail polish variety. look...

just for posterity here are two other shades from icing... i highly recommend their polishes... i guess if we're splitting hairs then this is another rave! next time you're at the mall pick up a couple (at $4.50 a pop -bogo 1/2 off- they won't break the bank)... let me know how it goes.

lilly... the most gorgeous lilac! p.s. this two coats lasted for 8 days without chipping!

purple pj's... a dark navy with multi-colored sparkles... a lovely alternative to black

remember: enjoy beautiful nails and...

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  1. I love lilac and that nail polish looks reallty pretty XO


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