February 03, 2010

annie in wonderland...

my birthday is officially on sunday, but my gift to myself came today! yahoo!! can you guess what it is?? i have SOOOO been looking forward to receiving my urban decay alice in wonderland book of shadows and it has arrived! to be quite honest, i bought this because i am in love with all things alice in wonderland and the fact that they have changed all of the e/s names to alice references just knocked me off my chair! LOVES IT! all in all it's a great deal... i mean 16 shadows, 2 small 24/7 eyeliners and a travel sized primer potion?! i'm in. my lovely friends at ulta also threw in a pore perfecting makeup base too. p.s. i will try this and let you know how it goes. p.p.s. don't you heart the free samples?! ha.

ok... back to the b.o.s.

as soon as i opened the box i swatched the colors and just had to show you all (my fantastic 15)... just in case you haven't seen it yet. as suspected some of the colors have too much glitterocity for my taste, but all in all the palette rocks! stay tuned for some dollfaces of the day courtesy of this bad boy! i cannot wait to get in there and PLAY!!
here are the top two rows

my swatches follow the same order

first thoughts: the colors are pretty fantastic. i am such a fan of urban decay shadows... however, i will not be using curiouser any time soon! the swatch doesn't read very well, but it is way too glittery for me! white rabbit is glittery too, but less so and i'm predicting the rabbit will be easier to work with. i am loving wonderland... like LOVING it!! it's a gorgeous metallic gold color. and i can't wait to use alice! the rose colored queen might be difficult for me, but i am determined to find a way or off with my head!

now the bottom two rows

my swatches follow the same order

first thoughts: these two rows are much more my speed! omg! vorpal is a silver that i will definitely be able to work with. the green wonder absolem is absolutely amazing! midnight tea party is another one that is too glitterific for me, the rather matte-ish chocolate brown mad hatter fully makes up for it. but hands down my favorite color has got to be mushroom! omg! it's a taupish that errs on the side of gray and is incredibly versatile!! i'm in love.

so there are my initial thoughts... do you have the b.o.s.? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

i'm off to play with my new toy!


  1. I don't have any Urban Decay shadows and would love to have this one! It is just packaged too cute and would be so fun to play with! Colors look pretty nice too. For the ones that are too shimmery though, maybe you can use them like liner for a fun night out? I was hinting to my hubby to get me this for Vday, so we'll see what happens!!

  2. yes i will probably have to use the glittery ones wet as liner, but urban decay is notorious for having some serious glitter in some of their shadows... like huge bits of glitter! yikes! i used to be able to pull that off, but not anymore... i'll stick to shimmer! : ) what's fun about the palettes is you get a bunch of colors you may not have ever tried and can give them a test run.

    i suggest pushing for the palette more with the hubby. it's worth is and so are you!

    : D

  3. My birthday is in March so this is going right to the top of my list. Your swatches definately helped me decide I need it!

    Gem x


  4. yay gem!! you definitely need it! it's so much fun to play with! the b.o.s. from urban decay are one of the best beauty deals out there!

    let me know when you get it! happy early birthday!

  5. I must have this!!!! Really like you're blog gorgeous, would mean a lot if you could check out mine! xoxox


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