March 18, 2010

another mac haul... somebody stop me!

hi dolls! so i was drawn back to the mac counter to check out the liberty of london collection and ended up splurging on all this. have a looksie!

left to right: lipglass cultured, e/s birds and berries, lipglass perennial high style, msf natural in medium+, and the new 130 brush

this is birds and berries from mac's new liberty of london collection... i had to buy a couple of goodies from the collection because of the supercute packaging! ha. (read: that's how they always get me!) this shade is a winner!! it's a wonderful teal and me likey!! the best part is it's veluxe pearl.. which we all know makes everything better. p.s. i just made my first video for youtube using this... check it out... and subscribe... pretty please?!

this is the lipglass in perennial high style... i'm in love with the color of this... a glorious peach. however, the formulation just seems a bit sticky and thick (even as far as lipglasses go)! i will muddle through and use it, though, as i'm really into peachy coral lips at the moment. i wouldn't recommend this one, dollfaces.
have you purchased anything from this collection... thoughts??

this is the 130 brush and i bought it because i think i've heard it's limited edition. i haven't figured out all of my personal uses for it so, as of right, now i have been using it to blend my undereye concealer because it is super soft! if you're looking for an all over blending brush for foundation... stick with the 187... this brush is too small.

hope your weekend is fantastic!!


  1. You've got there lovely Mac items!!!I know what you mean!When you see them you want to buy them all!!

  2. seriously!! and i'm running out of storage space. : )

  3. It's hard to stop buying MAC LOL.
    Great goodies you got here.

    Love Birds & Berries myself.

  4. @ lipstick rules: i have another haul i'm posting today... oopsie. check out my very first youtube vid... i do a look with birds & berries.


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