March 11, 2010

dollnamic duo: pink state of mind

hi dolls! it's time for another dollnamic duo. and this time it's all about PINK. if you read about my MAC haul you may remember that i purchsed the lip glass true babe (an in your face darkish pink) from the riveting collection... this photographs a bit light compared to in person. it is actually a very wearable color.

well i must have been in a pink state of mind because i immediately went over to icing and purchased a bright pink nail polish in fifi, came right home, and gave myself a mani. now, i'm not gonna lie, this is a crazy color (read day-glow). it photographs rather lackluster here, but everytime i looked down at my nails i thought "i wonder if these glow in the dark?" haha. i think when summertime rolls around and the inevitable tanning ensues this will be a perfect hot pink. it is definitely not a wallflower color, but if you don't mind attention... have at it!

so i put the two side by side and thought they would make a great dollnamic duo. as you can see they aren't matchy matchy, but if i wore that same color on my lips as my nails i would look hideous! the deeper true babe gloss ties in the fifi nail color and give lips a fresh look. i can tell i already have summer on the brain! bring on the pinks!

hey dollface!! do you have any special lip/nail dollnamic duos?? let me know... i love to see what others come up with to suit them.

hope your having a great weekend! i'm working on lots of posts... i've missed my blog and my dollfaces!! xoxo


  1. Both of them are soo lovely and pretty colours!!I love pink!!

  2. i don't generally go for pinks, but after i purchased the viva glam gaga... it was over! everything i bought was pink! haha.

  3. I'm not a huge pink fan either, at least on me. But these look really pretty. I never havea tan, so pinks always look weird on me--or maybe it's in my head! But love it for you! =)

  4. Great blog! I have just discovered it! New follower!

  5. @ NV you definitely have to be in the mood to "pink it up" that's for sure. haha

    @ catanya - welcome!! hope you enjoy! and comment... i love to know what other dollfaces think! : )


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