March 01, 2010

what was i thinking? the glitterocity edition.

hellooooooo dolls! it's monday... time for another edition of...

today we are looking at an eyeliner from urban decay.

to be exact it's the urban decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner in midnight cowboy (goldie gold) and it's not good. they aren't kidding when they say glitter! it is chunky and very irritating to my eyes. right after application my eyes immediately begin watering. not a good sign. another minus is it is also very sparse in it's distribution of glitter... the photo above is about 7 swipes with the liner! this utterly bummed me out because i love the idea of a glittery lower lash line. unfortunately, this urban decay product just didn't make the grade. be kind to your sensitive eye area and don't do this!

on the brightside though... there is an alternative to this "here and there" glitter liner... it is urban decay's eyeshadow in maui wowie! as an eyeshadow it's atrocious... way too much glitter! but as a liner... perfection. i wet a liner brush, swipe up a bit and apply. it creates a more shimmering line with a richer color and a hint of glitter. mucho better! your lower lash line can now reflect the light more subtly and you are still able to see! another win-win!
be kind to your lash lines and


  1. hey DOLL! OoOoOoOo looks like some fun stuff to play around with! :)

    xoxo suzanna

  2. I have to disagree with ya doll---I love mowi wowi! =) How come you don't do these posts anymore??


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