March 09, 2010

sephora seattle haulage...

cheers dolls! i'm back from seattle and had a blast with the bestie and her boys! on sunday i was able to steal her away for some funzo time downtown. after a couple emerald drops and rose petal martinis at the W hotel we scuttled over to sephora and let the shopping commence... i got a few things that i have been wanting to try out. first up...

buxom lashliner in suede (dark brown)... i have searched high and low for this in suede and finally found it in the emerald city. i am so excited to try it as it promises lash enhancing and conditioning. i have begun using it and will have a full review after i have used it for a month or so. p.s. used it today and the color is fantastic.

sephora base zero brillance anti-shine primer... i read about this on another blog or heard about it on youtube, but for the life of me i can't remember who i heard it from. BLAST! however, i figured i would try it because my skin tends to get oily mid-day and that particular shine really irritates me. so far i've used it twice and am very impressed. i suppose i will be doing a full review on this too. i will give it a few weeks as i need to see if i break out from it. - please no!-

upon entering sephora i knew i wanted a corally lipgloss, but didn't want it to be overpowering. i swatched buxom babes lacey gloss and immediately loved the color. then on closer inspection i saw that it was part of a duo with pixie (a gorgeous light pink) and i was sold. together the duo is $18. i love buying things in smaller sizes like this because i think lipgloss can get to be unhygenic after numerous uses. this way you can use them up and move onto something new. the super bonus with this is they are part of their big and healthy line which promises a fuller lip upon application. i'm not sure about that, but it has amazing dazzle factor and it does make my lips feel minty and tingly (and not cinnamon/burnt ala lip venom)... and super bonus 2... the glosses smell like cotton candy!

last, but not least was a travel size of too faced lash injection. i'm going to let you in on a little secret... i'm obsessed with mascara!! i'm am always on a quest for my perfect one... i picked this up to try it. i am planning a big mascara post so stay tuned. i've used this twice and am very pleased so far.
that's all for now dolls! hope your week is great thus far!


  1. Ooh I really need a face primer, looking forward to that review! Those Buxom lip glosses are the most perfect colors, I may have to do some online Sephora shopping, hehehe...

  2. haha i'm always trying out mascaras too! so far i still haven't found one i like more than L'oreal's Voluminous :) xx

  3. @ heather - so far, so good with the primer. but only get it if your skin gets oily mid-day... and i am swearing by the buxom glosses these days! they are fantastic!

    @ anita - i, too, share your love for l'oreal's voluminous...


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