March 07, 2010

dollface challenge: glamour to go vs. seattle

hello dolls! if u keep up with my blog you probably already know that i am in seattle for the weekend... well i went to seattle about two months ago and gave myself a challenge. could i get away with 6 different looks from one palette?! the palette in question is below (shown with the brushes and mascara i took) it is the too faced glamour to go palette and it retails for $19.99. it is a wonderfull palette which offers 8 eyeshadows, 4 lipglosses and a blush... as i was packing for my trip i, naturally, thought this palette to be an asset (not to mention a space saver)! here's all i took (i applied blush with my fingers).

here's the palette opened. closed it's the size of a small stack of credit cards and opened it's the size of your hand. i have numbered the colors because there are no names for the shadows. the numbers will clarify when i breakdown the looks.

look 1: full face

a closer look

look 2: full face

a closer look ** my favorite look

look 3: full face

a closer look

look 4: full face

a closer look

look 5: full face

a closer look

look 6: full face

a closer look...

all in al,l i am very impressed with this palette. and for less than $20... what a steal!! i have even packed it with me for this trip... i may have to update this post upon my return!

dollface verdict:


  1. You look gorgeous!!Love the make up stuff you've got!!

  2. Well done! Glad you've been able to make so many looks with one palette. I have one of their pocket palettes, but I haven't really used it that much---maybe I will this week. Very cool post!

  3. I've just given you an award on my blog! Come check it out!


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