March 02, 2010

my first foray into konad = FAIL!

howdy dolls! let's face it as a girly girl one priority is pretty nails. looking at my hands the other day i realized i needed to kick my manicure up a notch. what to do? what to do?
after hearing much hype on youtube and other blogs about konad and their nail art and stencils i sucked it up and went on wowsocool and bought my first konad goodies... for about $20 i purchased these:

i received the stamper, scraper, special konad polish for stencils (in white) and an m57 plate which has zebra print, leopard print and fishnet stencils all on one plate! love it.

** sadly, i just checked their website and this plate is out of stock right now! boo-hoo.

i decided for my first attempt i would use the zebra stencil because, let's face it, that's why i bought this plate in the first place! ha...

so, without further adieu... here were my nails before:

and after:

ok... so it's not hideous, but i screwed up the sides and my placement was askew... cue the sad music... i consider this a fail. however, it has not deterred me and i have been told that all it takes is some practice and i'll be a konad pro in no time. stay tuned for that!!

have you tried konad's goodies and how did you faire?? at the very least using the konad was fun and i think we all could use some more fun incorporated into our days... p.s. i'm already browsing their website and looking for more plates to try!! there is more FUN to be had!

always remember... keep your manicures looking fresh and...


  1. I think this looks really great for a first try!

  2. Great post!
    I have awarded you the Sunshine Award on my blog! :)
    Love and Tickles


  3. aw!! thanks ladies!! i definitely need practice, but i do LOVE the zebra print!!

    and ruthie... thank you so much!! i will check it out asap! you rock!


  4. I think it looks pretty good! Way to go! Looks really fun! I just don't really do much with my fingernails! I know I should, but I just don't make time for it. I always polish my toes, but that's it!


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