March 15, 2010

what was i thinking?... polish fail

hello my wonderful dolls!! time for another edition of what was i thinking?! this time it was a polish i have had my eye on for a couple of weeks and have sought out... jade is the new black from the hong kong collection by OPI.

here it is...
it's a lovely shade of green in the bottle. and don't get me wrong it is a fantastic polish! it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. the what was i thinking part comes when the color is paired with my skintone. eek gads! i don't like it at all! it makes my skin take on a yellow cast and that is just not for me.

here it is without the flash

here it is with the flash

on the brightside, it does work out well that i bought this the week of st. patrick's day. i will definitely not get pinched!! i will also save it for football season as i am a big new york jets fan and this is quite close to their green. in the end i love the polish... just wish it looked better on me! oh well... on to the next! have a great day and don't forget...

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