March 03, 2010

etsy rave... i'm in LOVE!

hello dolls! a couple of months ago i decided to make a move toward more natural body products... at the same time i was introduced to lush and their products and, i have to say, i wasn't in love with many of the lush scents. i decided to consult etsy because i knew i could find yummy scents and homemade products for affordable prices. the bonus was that i was buying from real people!!

after hours of searching i decided to a lovely shop at ariel's secret garden i fell in love with the variety of scents and products available (including lush dupes). after reading her reviews i picked out a few goodies...

the pink smiley face goody is the luxury rock my world solid lotion bar (rock star dupe)... it came it the yellow tin (how awesome)... i use this bar everyday... smells like candy and is ultra moisturizing. the other circular goody in the upper left is the lime eucalyptus cold process olive oil soap bar. i used this up super fast because i couldn't get enough of the scent and the lather was so rich! it also came with a sample of another soap called honey i washed the kids (p.s. YUMMY) and a cute heart pendant. so sweeeeeet! i felt really happy with my purchases and also felt really valued and special as a customer... and that feeling doesn't come around very often. so, after i had used up all of the lime eucalyptus soap i went back for more.

so last week i placed another order...

cut to last night... i come home after a lovely cocktail (or 3) with a friend to find my new order waiting for me! and it was like christmas! first of all my goodies were housed in this lovely box...

and inside were my goodies!

a closer look...

cupcake bath bomb bubble bar scented in honey i washed the kids (lush dupe). how CUTE!! and i absolutely LOVE this scent!!! i will definitely be purchasing more of these cupcakes because they make wonderful girlie gifts!

peppermint lavender cold process soap... smells divine and i'm so excited to try this out. when it comes to soaps i have two questions... does it lather well? and does it dry my skin out? the answers are YES and NO! their soaps are amazing and lather up so much! i tried this this morning and it didn't disappoint! another winner. and bonus points... it's about the size of my hand! score!!

these were my gifts with purchase (lol)...

my gifts with purchase include the southern sunshine lotion bar, lemon biscotti soap sample and a colorful resin necklace charm.

i also had to throw in this pic too due to the ridiculous cuteness factor! this is the southern sunshine lotion bar... which smells lemony fresh!

so please try her store! my experience has been nothing but positive! from the price, the product, the variety, the timely shipping... there is nothing bad to say about sherrilenett!! i will, absolutely, be back for more... probably sooner rather than later! ha.

do you have any etsy stores to rave about?

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  1. I've seen about a million Lush reviews, but I don't have anywhere closes that sells it. If I am going to buy something online, might as well try this place. I love those little bath bambs--though it's very rare for me to bathe, I prefer showering. Not sure about their resin pendants, but to each his own! Thanks for letting us know about this place. Enjoy your soaps!


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