March 27, 2010

what's in MY shower?!

hiya dollfaces!! sorry it's been so long between posts... i have started a second job and it's taking up a big chunk of time... not to mention i have been making videos for my youtube channel which you should check out and subscribe to... as i want to have a contest for mac goodies soon!
anyhoo on to the post of the day! the lovely nicole from NV BEAUTY asked the question what's in your shower and tagged me! i'm game so here are the goods...

neutrogena oil free redness soothing acne wash and gentle scrub
i have had very good results from this range of neutrogena's... i used to use the cream form of this cleanser and then use st. ives apricot scrub, but this combines the two! score!!

suave professionals rosemary mint conditioner
you can't tell from the pic but this bottle is HUGE! i bought it because i have been experimenting with co-washing (washing with conditioner only... which eliminates yucky sulfates from coming into contact with my tresses). the co-washing has been going really well and i'm very happy with my hair these days. this conditioner is a dupe for one of the aveda conditioners so it smells divine. co-washing requires loads and loads of conditioner so this bottle is perfect!

aussie 3 minute miracle smoothing treatment
i use this is conjuction with the rosemary mint... after i've loade up my hair with conditioner i cake this on the ends and let it all sit for a bit.

ms. pedicure exfoliating foot scrub and pumice stone
what can i say... i love having soft feet! : )

mach 3 turbo men's razor
love, love, LOVE!!!!! i've always been partial to men's razors because they get the closest shave! this one is the BEST. hands down.

i would love to know what's in YOUR shower dollface!! if you do a response please leave a link in the comments or just write in your fave shower products.


  1. Glad to see you did the tag! I feel like maybe I have too much in my shower now!! *lol*

  2. don't worry! if this was a "what's under your bathroom sink" tag i would never be finished! ha. xoxo

  3. I love Neutrogena skincare products so I need to try that one!

  4. Hey! Great post, I love tags, totally going to do this on my blog!



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