March 23, 2010

dollface of the day: tangerine dream

hiya dollfaces! it's time for another dollface of the day... dun, dun, DUN!! it was such a lovely morning that i decided to take pics outside... little did i know that those pics would pretty much null any sign of blush! wah! oh well... it's a new one i got from e.l.f. in candid coral and i heart it very much! it adds an amazing warmth to my face. anyhoo, here's my mug!

a closer look...

on my eyes:
urban decay e/s sellout - all over
urban decay e/s toasted - in crease
buxom lashliner suede
rimmel sexy curves mascara in black

on my lips:
mac creme de nude
mac perinnial high style lip glass over top

a simple and easy everyday look... great for spring time!

** see it in action
on my youtube channel as i review buxom lashliner**


  1. I love this look, it's really nice and natural! Oh, and I frickin' love your eyebrows, they are amazing!

  2. you are so incredibly sweet! thank you dollface!! xoxo

  3. Nice look! I read tangerine, and thought "wow, this is gonna be out there!", but it's really nice and wearable! Very nice!

    I completely forgot to let you know yesterday...I tagged you in a post! Hope you enjoy mine and respond!

  4. NV! i'm totally gonna do your tag! i just started a second job at nordstrom and my brain hurts! i want to do your contest too! i know it ends next week... i gotta get on this!



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